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Zhu Rou is a pig who serves as a villain in the online game Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po. He first appeared in the game's seventh chapter level entitled "Kung Fu Con-troversy".


In Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po

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Not much is known about Zhu Rou. Zhu Rou was a pig who went to the Kung Fu Con to vandalize everything at the event, he would push guests and take limited edition action figures out of their original boxes, a huge offense in Po's eyes. But Zhu Rou was eventually brought to justice by Po and the Furious Five.


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Fighting style

Zhu Rou fights with the unique abilities of his Kung Fu action figures. Each figure is a tiny robotic toy of every member of the Furious Five, and they each possess different attack methods:

  • Crane's figure: Flies in a straight line and drops small explosives behind
  • Monkey's figure: Follows the player before releasing a stunning flash explosion
  • Tigress' figure: Unleashes an unblockable chi wave
  • Mantis' figure: Follows the player and performs small claw attacks
  • Viper's figure: Remains stationary while releasing an unblockable poison attack


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