The Xing Yun Jin Cave (traditional Chinese: 幸運金?; simplified Chinese: 幸运金; pinyin: xìng yùn jīn) is supposedly a gold-rich cave, hence its translated name as "Lucky Golden Cave". It is unknown of where the exact location is.



Monkey and the Seven-Talon Rings in the Training Hall

The legend of this cave says that the walls were believed to be lined with vast deposits of gold, hence its name. However, it also mentioned a mythical seven-toed demon serpent that guarded the mouth of the cave. This beast savagely attacked anything that neared its nest, spinning and spiraling in a scaled flurry of talons and fangs. Any brave scavengers desiring the gold never survived long enough to find out if the legend of the gold was, in fact, true.

The legendary beast's talons inspired the creation of the abstract Seven-Talon Rings, now located and used in the Training Hall.[1]


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