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Looks like our luck is about to change!
  —Vulture, Kung Fu Panda: The Game  

The Vultures are a trio of minor antagonists in Kung Fu Panda: The Game. They are voiced by Steven Blum and Andrew Kishino.[source?]


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In Kung Fu Panda: The Game

In one cut scene, the vultures were searching for food. The leader of the vultures says that they haven't robbed anyone in days. Suddenly, they see Zeng flying and the leader comments how it looks like "their luck is about to change", chuckles evilly, and then he and the other vultures attack Zeng, knocking him off-balance. Zeng yells for help, and Master Crane suddenly arrives, saves Zeng before he falls to his death, and defeats the vultures by beating them up.


The vultures' personalities are typical of the average bandit: Brutal, cruel, thieving, and uncaring of who they rob, harm, or even kill.

Fighting style

The vultures use flight to their advantage when fighting, lunging in from the air and attacking with their claws and beaks.



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