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Zaralith | Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Hello! my name is Zaralith. As a Chat Moderator and Rollback of the Kung Fu Panda Wiki, I'm always friendly and always enjoy talking to and meeting new users, especially on the Kung Fu Panda Wiki Chat.

Throughout my Middle School and High School years, I came to develop a strong passion for musical arts. I currently play Piano and Tenor Saxophone, and I hope to some day learn Cello. I currently play in my High School's music department, in Concert Band. I take special interest in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and anything to do with Earth Sciences, such as Geology and Geography. I'm not much of one for sports.


I like for my music to incorporate a destiny from point A to point B, which encompasses radical twists and turns, joy and happiness, sadness and betrayal and a gloriously melodic sway of perilous journeys.
We're creating something, completely new. And, it's...a scary place. But, if it's not scary, then, it's not gonna' be good.
  —Martin O'Donnell  

I tend to swing towards any movie considered suspenseful, (psychologically) thrilling, and/or "scary" (The Grudge, The Ring, Cloverfield, etc). Any movie directed, written, and/or produced by George Lucas (Star Wars, etc), James Cameron (Avatar, iMax stuff, etc), DreamWorks Animation SKG (Kung Fu Panda, Puss in Boots, Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, etc). Any movie that possesses deep meaning and/or "epicness" in some way that is freakishly awesome (Lord of the Rings, I Am Legend, War of the Worlds, etc.), The Matrix Trilogy, Rio, Roadside Romeo, Alpha and Omega, and many more.

Coming Soon!

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Feel free to add me as a friend, follow, or watch on any of my profiles located above. Just to note, anyone wanting to add me on Xbox LIVE is welcomed to do so as long as I know exactly who you are (note your username in a message) and we've talked multiple times before. You can ask for my Xbox LIVE Gamertag or Facebook profile on my talk page or on the chat, but unless I know you well, you aren't going to get it. :)

Any questions, comments, complaints, critiques, greetings, information, or just whatever you have to tell me, please submit them under HERE in my talk page. I usually check within the day. And please don't forget to sign your messages!


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