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The Underworld Demons is the unofficial name given to a band of demons that appeared in the episode "Enter the Dragon" from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. They were summoned and commanded by the demon Ke-Pa.


In Legends of Awesomeness

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Ke-Pa, the Underworld Demon King

The underworld demons are ruled by Ke-Pa, the evil demon king. They were all sealed away by Oogway with the Hero's Chi. The only way Ke-Pa could release them was by building the huge Zhuangzi's Funnel again. Then after that he had to smash Po in the tunnel. Since Oogway sealed them with the Hero's Chi, he had to release them by using the Hero's Chi. Once released the Demons began rampaging in the Valley of Peace along with Ke-Pa. Just then Po (after being revitalized by a peach sapling) showed up and started using the Hero's Chi. Ke-Pa was shocked and ordered his demon legion to attack and destroy him. At his command, tons of demons appeared. Po fought off those he could, but realized that there were too many of them. Po won the battle by luring the demons back to where they were sealed and causing them to follow him inside the stone. Then he used his Hero's Chi to re-imprison the demons and to defeat Ke Pa. Afterwards the demon servants were never heard of again due to being permanently imprisoned.

Fighting style and abilities

The demons fight with their claws and their teeth. They grab their enemies and bite them or swing their claws at them.


With each other

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