This article is about a briefly-seen character in Kung Fu Panda Holiday. For the Legends of Awesomeness character, see Yang.

Yang (known as Uncle Yang to Po) is a relative of Po and Mr. Ping. His first and only appearance has so far been in Kung Fu Panda Holiday. It is currently unexplained how he is Po's uncle, as he is a different species than either Po or Mr. Ping.


In Kung Fu Panda Holiday

He was noted by Po to have a habit of laughing so hard that noodles spurt out his nose, much to Crane and Monkey's amusement when they see it at the Noodle Shop's Winter Festival celebration.


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Mr. Ping

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Uncle Yang wears a red robe with a cloud pattern with black trim, as well as a black belt. He also wears a yellow and dark green hat.



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