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From Secrets of the Furious Five

Shifu: “Tigress? I am Shifu. I am-
Tigress: “Afraid
[Master Shifu steps forward and shuts the door behind him.]
Shifu: “No.
Tigress: “Well, you should be! I am Tigress, Tigress the monster! A monster no-one wants.
Shifu: “You are not a monster... You're just a little girl.
—Shifu to young Tigress upon first meeting her

From Secrets of the Scroll

From Kung Fu Panda

Tigress: “You don't belong here.
Po: “Yeah, of course, this is your room--
Tigress: “I mean, you don't belong in the Jade Palace. You're a disgrace to kung fu and if you have any respect for who we are and what we do, you will be gone by morning.
—First exchanged words with each other

Tigress: “And now, he has a chance to make things right—to train the true Dragon Warrior. And he's stuck with you: a big, fat panda who treats it like a joke.
Po: “ [Makes a face and freezes.] 
Tigress: “ [infuriated] Oh, that is it!
Mantis: “Wait! My fault! I accidentally tweaked his facial nerve! [Po falls forward.] And may have also stopped his heart.
—After telling Shifu's story with Tai Lung

This is what you trained me for.
—Tigress in referral to Shifu

Don't try and stop me!
—Tigress to the others of the Furious Five

Tai Lung: “Where's the Dragon Warrior?
Tigress: “How do you know you're not looking at her?
—Tigress as she confronts Tai Lung before the Battle of the Thread of Hope

From Kung Fu Panda Holiday

From Legends of Awesomeness

From Art of Balance

Your only weakness is allowing your mind to convince you you're weak.
—Tigress' quote from bio

From Kung Fu Panda 2

Tigress: “I used to punch the iron-wood trees by the palace to train. Now, I feel nothing.
Po: “That's severely cool.
—While sparring with Po

Tigress: “Po, why are you really out here?
Po: “I just found out that my dad isn't really my dad.
Tigress: “Your dad... the goose? That must have been quite a shock.
Po: “Yeah.
Tigress: “And this bothers you?
Po: “Are you kidding me? We're warriors, right? Nerves of steel, souls of platinum—like you: so hardcore, you don't feel anything. [He punches Tigress' arm and pulls back in pain.] 
Tigress: “ [pauses in thought] I was-- [She is interrupted by the other Five.] 
—While on the boat to Gongmen City

Tigress: “I hope this turns out better than your plan to cook rice in your stomach by eating it raw and then drinking boiling water.
Po: “This plan is nothing like that plan.
Tigress: “How?
'Po: “Cause this one's gonna work.
—After being captured by Shen's army

The hardcore do understand... but I can't watch my friend be killed.
—Tigress to Po

Tigress: “Impressive, Dragon Warrior! What's your plan?
Po: “Step one: Free the Five.
Viper: “What's step two?
Po: “Honestly, I didn't think I'd make it this far.
Tigress: “Po!
Po: “Uh, stop Shen before he gets to the harbor!
—After being freed

That was pretty hardcore.
—Tigress to Po

From Secrets of the Masters

From Kung Fu Panda 3

How's that for a little kitten?
—Tigress after attacking Kai, Kung Fu Panda 3

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