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  • On my recent transcript, I didn't do any bolding/italicizing on the Word-Doc. This time, I did that part on the wiki itself. Still, parts of the transcript look messed up as a result. Dunno if you already knew this.

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    • First off, thank you for your hard work. From experience, transcribing is a very long and tiring process, and I appreciate that you took the time and effort into doing it. :)

      Concerning your formatting question, do you mean how some of the text still isn't italicized? That's because there are breaks in the lines, which can result from copying directly from a word processor. Wiki italicizing only works on single lines and automatically cuts itself off when there's a line break in between the double apostrophes.

      Here's an example of how to fix it. All I did was use backspace and spacebar at the beginning of the last line. Looks like this'll need to be done with the rest of the transcript. You don't need to if you don't want - honestly the transcript looks fine as is, even if the formatting is a bit off. It's content that matters more anyway, and you did an awesome job with it. Thanks again.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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