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  • In case you're wondering why your article keeps disappearing:

    I keep removing it because it's fan-made, which isn't allowed on this wiki. All mainspace articles on here strictly document only in-universe canon information (characters, locations, etc.) and out-of-universe material (movies, TV shows, etc.); anything else is prohibited. You're welcome to create discussions on similar topics in the wiki forums instead, which I recommend doing in this case since you seem to want a community response on your topic.

    I understand you're still new and getting the hang of things around here, so it's likely that you just didn't know. This is just to give you a heads-up and to ask you to please follow wiki guidelines from now on. Thanks.

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    • Your "Yin and yang" article also falls under this category. If you want to discuss topics ABOUT the wiki's contents, use the forums. Otherwise, articles are ONLY for in-universe canon information.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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