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  • So you know how they did a spin off movie for Puss in Boots from Shrek? Well, it got me thinking. What if they make a Kung Fu Panda spin off movie with Tigress as the main character?

    Now don't get me wrong, I like Kung Fu Panda a lot. But one problem I have is that Tigress doesn't seem to get much of a spotlight. I mean, she didn't get to fight until near the end of the first movie. In the second one, she definitely had a bigger role, but didn't get to fight Shen head on. And the third was kind of in between for me. I mean, she did get to fight Kai somewhat, but all she did during the training montage was avoid the little girl Panda. For Legends of Awesomeness, some of the episodes that had Tigress were AWESOME, but I DID NOT like the episode "The Spirit Orbs of Master Ding". I mean, COME ON! It's not fun to see your favorite character get beaten and then get taunted without mercy, especially from Po.

    Anyway, I have gone WAY off track. Back with the idea for a spin-off movie: Tigress would be the main character. She ends up finding out something about her past and decides to go on a Journey to discover her heritage. Along the way, she would meet a male Tiger who ends up tagging along. Po, Shifu, and the rest of the Furious Five would end up joining them, and there probably would be a rivalry going between Po and the male Tiger. In the end, Tigress discovers her heritage, what happened to her parents, and ends up coming full circle of who she is. I also had the idea that the male Tiger would be voiced by Chris Pratt (Lego Movie, Guardians of The Galaxy, The Magnificent Seven).

    So yeah. Just wanted to get this idea out in the open and see what any of you think of it.

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    • I have seen the Movie for Puss in Boots and a spin-off with Tigress is quite possible. After all, they want to make six KFP-Movies but they never say that would be successors to the previous trilogy.

      Don't get me wrong I like the idea of a Kung Fu Panda 4 but I would also like a prequel as the short movies. Perhaps after the first trilogy they start another. So at the end there won't be a hexalogy (six movies) but two trilogies. Or even five movies with Po and one prequel etc.

      Everything is possible.

      Maybe they don't just make a Tigress-Movie, maybe it will be a Furious Five-Prequel. According to the short Secret of the scroll they are ten years of Furious Five-History before Po became the Dragon Warrior. In KFP 1 Po mentioned an event called the Battle of webbing river during his conversation with Crane in his room. We never saw what it was about. Only according to Po the Five were amazing. But that is not surprising. The prequel could be about it. Or about another amazing battle of the five. I think there are a lot of them.

      In general, I think the Five had't enough background story. Secrets of the Five/Scroll were very interesting but there is certainly more. And apart from that the Five should get more attention and be able to show more power. In the movies they didn't defeat any villain. We saw them never win. They always lose.

      I really would like to have a movie who tells a story before Po become the Dragon Warrior and beat the s*** out of the bad guys by his own. China has more heroes.

      But again on the subject... the Tigress-Movie.

      I like your idea that Tigress finds her real family. It could finally turn up a father/daughter problem. Shifu had adopted Tigress but never act like a father to her. If Tigress is looking for her real parents, his mistake could be clear to him. Or even before that. Shifu has two (adopted) children. Tigress and Tai Lung. He treated them completely differently, but both got their scars from him. Just as he has made peace with Tai Lung, he should also do it with Tigress. For himself and for her. Their relationship has never really been shown in the movies, but Tigress worries about Shifu and he about her. You can see this briefly in the fight against Kai for example. This should be stuff for an upcoming movie.

      As for her family ... maybe it is royal? For me LOS are not canon but the shorts. And according to Mr. Ping in Secrets of the scroll, Tigress could be the real daughter of an emperor. You know ... The cleaner as Crane. The comedian as Monkey. The dancer as Viper. The doctor as Mantis. And the emperor ... who was never written down. Accident? No, there are no accidents. It does not have to be a prequel and the Army of the Royal Tiger Family of Tigress is the new enemy in KFP 4. 

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    • I'd like an Oogway prequel.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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