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  • I want to do a transcript for this, but I don't know how to make the clickable link and the transcript page outline.

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    • Added link. Simple as creating a [[wiki link]] to the article, then adding "/Transcript" after it.

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    • Great work on it! Thanks for taking initiative and putting in the time and effort to do that. :)

      I noticed there's still an issue with word doc text not copying over to wiki text correctly (like you described to me earlier) - there's a lot of extra break-lines and spacing in it. Might take a while to fix, so just for future reference, I put the {{Improve}} template at the top of the page. No rush to get it fixed straightaway; as is, it looks pretty good.

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    • When you mention "extra break-lines and spacing", could it also be something related to my Microsoft Word? On my Paragraph tab, my "After-spacing" is 8 pt and my "Line spacing" is Multiple at 1.08. You want me to set the "After-spacing" to 0 pt and the "Line spacing" to Single/Double?

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    • Yeah, just try and make it as close to Word's "default-form" as possible. I just tried out posting some text into Word and then pasted onto a wiki page, and it's not doing any weird formatting for me. Maybe it's the version of Word you use? I use the 2002 version, which very likely works differently than the later versions.

      Anyway, try to do some test edits if you need to. You can use the wiki's sandbox if you'd like.

      EDIT: Just as an extra note - if things don't work out and you can't find out what's happening with the formatting, a good fallback would be to just work on text on a wiki page (without saving it, obviously), and then when you're done copy-paste the whole page onto a word processor. That way it saves the formatting. I did this a few times years ago when I worked on other pages for the wiki, but mostly out of preference of just editing on the wiki itself, and then saving my progress on a separate file.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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