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    Completed; still taking the director's word for it.
    21:13, June 14, 2017

    Kai is a yak. Not a bull. Can you tell?

    By the way, how come Kai take Oogway chi? Oogway suppose to be better then that. Right?

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    • Well in comparison, Kai for sure, has more resemblance to a yak then of a bull. And alot of people agree that Kai is yak. In fact, I do believe some of the officially licensed KFP books also say Kai is a Yak. But the reason the wiki page  that Kai is a bull is because that is directly what the Director, Jennifer Yuh Nelson had said. Although it is a possibility that she just made a mistake, who knows. 

           And for the face off between Kai and Oogway. To me, it seemed Oogway knew he needed to pass on his duties to his successor, at some point. So he just did it at the time he thought was best. So my guess is that he surrendered to Kai,  so Po could fufill his destiny as Dragon warrior :) its a matter opinion I guess 

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    • I saw it way more simpler to be honest XD

      Kai never stopped training. He said "I've been training for 500 years for this."

      Oogway was just chilling, meditating on his own little island with the peach tree! That's why he lost :P

      but...hey his speech is way more deep and it makes sense as well. Oogway has always been misterious and weird lol

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