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    19:37, June 1, 2017

    I want TiPo to happen so bad and become cannon in the movies!! 

    this was a scene from the last epiosde of LOA "Emperor's Rule" and I know that the show was never deemed canon but this scene just put the biggest smile on my face and I'm surprise this picture was never around before.

    • Spoliers* if you didn't see the epiosde basicly long story short Po has to gaurd the Emperor for the episode, but at the end of the video shifu says Po will have to stay with the emperor and not come home with them to the jade palace. Po becomes pretty sad but faces the face that he needs to protect the Emperor. thus the Emperor fires Po and says he can go back to being the dragon warrior and go home to the jade palace. Po then Jumps up ans yells YES! and then turns around to the five and only hugs tigress. 

    She goes stiff again like at the harbour in KFP2 but when Po releases her she gives him that Look. 

    just wanted to share this with all the TiPo fans out there
    File:IMG 6589.jpg
    File:IMG 6590.jpg
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    • I love TiPo too <3  😍

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