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    22:33, July 12, 2016

    Hi everyone. In case you don't follow Wikia's blog, they're going to be hosting their annual "Battle of the Fantasy Foods" competition again. I was thinking Kung Fu Panda, being about a food-loving panda, might be a good contender for it. :)

    I've previously considered having this wiki participate in past years, but I had my doubts on our fandom's foods going up against big ones like SpongeBob's krabby patties, Steven Universe's cookie cats, and Harry Potter's butterbeer. But if enough people here want to do it, I'd be happy to sign this wiki up for it. Win or lose, I think it'll be fun!

    If we're going to enter, we also need some ideas on what food to submit. We can submit as many as we'd like, but only one can be kept per wiki community. It also needs to be something that's defining for our fandom, so I was thinking Po's "Dragon Warrior Dumplings" or Mr. Ping's "Secret Ingredient Noodle Soup". Any other ideas?

    Please leave your vote, ideas, and any other comments below. The deadline for signing up I believe is July 14, so I'll wait 'til sometime that week (or sooner, depending on how much feedback is submitted) to decide on whether or not this wiki will participate.


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    • Wow thats awesome! I didn't know somthing like that existed. Sounds fun, I think it be cool to go with Mr. Ping's "Secret ingredient noodle soup" :D

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    • Ok. I Think we should participate.

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    • Okay, it doesn't seem like too many people are interested in doing the event, so I guess we'll skip it this year. Thanks to the two of you who showed your interest - I'm very grateful for your feedback. :)

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