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  • Not that the show is terrible, but it seems like a little bit of a let down in terms of the story and characters. I have never read anything about it being canon, not do any of the movies/official shorts/any other KFP medium consider it canon. What are your thoughts and opinions. Do you like the show (if so what abut the show do you like)? Do you think it's canon?

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    • As far as we know as fans, the movies and shorts link in with each other very closely and are definitely canon. That is certain! But with the tv show, that's a different story. There hasn't been any Official mention from Jennifer Yuh Nelson or Jack Black or Jonathan Aibel or Glenn Berger or in faact anyone from the movie crew that has comfirme the show's place in the franchise. It's hard to say. :/

      I will say this, it sems the tv show is a bit out of snyc of the movies anyway that makes it lean more towards non canon. For example, TV show says the Furious Five have ben a team protecting the valley for thousands of years. Each generation taking over from the next. But in the recent short Secrets of the Scroll, it's seems like the Furious Five had just started with Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Viper and Mantis and that was it. And plus there is no proper development in the show that properly links it up with the movies like the How to train your dragon franchise did with their series. 

      Bottom Line, don't expect any characters or elements from the show to pop up in the movies any time soon. The show is in its own world seperate in the movies. Well that mine opinion anyway. The TV series wasn't bad but it could have been better. I think we were all expecting the show to be like Avatar the Last Airbender story wise but in the end it wasn't. But stories like Enter the Dragon are one of the reasons the show can be worth looking at. ;)

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    • I originally wanted questions like these to be submitted on the Answers Wiki instead (and even mentioned as such in the Forum Policies), but I suppose I don't really mind if people ask them here as well. More opportunity for conversation than getting a straight-up answer.

      But even still, here's the matching question someone asked about this topic.

      My personal opinion: I thought in the beginning it had a good chance of being canon, but as the show progressed it lost that chance, and now I think it's just its own thing. The characters are way too OOC (especially Po), and tons of small story things just don't match up. For example, Shifu arriving at the Jade Palace because his father Shirong had left him there as a young kid, when in Kung Fu Panda Holiday he says that he purposely left his home. "Oh but he could've been lying, or maybe he didn't remember," you might say. Nah, I think the show writers just missed that. :P

      There's lots more small examples like that that confirm to me the show is its own thing. Perhaps a couple episodes or events from it would be okay for the film canon, but most of it was just unnecessary and inaccurate filler.

      (Just as an extra plug-in: someone asked about the show on the wiki's Tumblr, and I answered it. It has some more of my input on the show in general.)

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    • Very well said, both of you. It seems to me that it is in a rather ambiguous state. I agree with your points completely. I feel that the two things most needed in the show are the things that are missing. I will say that, besides the lack of fur textures, the animation is actually really good. I would think it to be kind of cool to see a TV series completely in the Style of the shorts. They could start again and get right what the TV series got wrong. Although, this is a fools hope more so than anything else. I also wish to say that the show isn't terrible, but it certainly does not live up to it's potential.

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    • I think of it like this: The TV series is canon, it's just inconsistent. There are plenty of other inconsistent stories that are still canon. Of course, that's just what I think.

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    • ^ Are there? I always thought if something was inconsistent, then it was automatically not canon?

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    • Well there's Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge stories. 

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    • Valid point. But that's Disney, they general do a good job with anything they do. Nothing wrong with Nickelodeon though, they just have room for improvement of late that's all. :)

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    • I think a lot of you guys have a good point and to tell the truth, the way the show does things, kinda makes the show independent from the movie. Technically it disconnected itself from the movie, if anything. Reasons for not being cannon: 

      Character personality changes, parts that conflict with the KFP movies and other flaws.

      But for a separate show its ok.

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    • One year later... I am afraid it can't be primary canon, but it may be able to be secondary cannon. That is, anywhere it doesn't conflict with the movies you could consider that as part of the universe proper. It's not like it was made by a different studio, but it is as if none of the people who worked on the films worked on it. Like someone gave them the summary and explained the kinds of characters they were without all the history of what actually happened in the movie. Which is all really a shame because there's some good stuff there. The series wants to be like an expanded version of the movie in that it's more interested in a training of Po situation then a Po has become the dragon warrior situation.

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    • A friend of mine told me that DreamWorks said during an interview that the show isn't canon. I don't know this since I didn't see that interview in first person, but that is enough for me to believe so.

      LOA for me is like....a bunch of very bad written fanfictions.

      Some new characters are ok. I liked them. Fung, Gahri, Song. Those were really good.

      But...omg the main cast was completely out of character. I hope DreamWorks one day will pick up the KFP franchise again and decide to "maybe we should do a brand new tv series of this franchise."

      HTTYD is an amazing show. You know why? Because Nickledeon didn't touch it XD

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    • Yes, this show is canon. I have mixed thoughts on the show though. Kung Fu Panda is my favourite Dreamworks franchise (Sorry Shrek, you come second) and I love the idea of expanding the Pandaverse more but the show feels a little bit too childish for me. Honestly, the only episode that I actually found worth it to be canon was where po had to fight that actual Dragon master. Forgot the episode but it was good. 

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    • Apparently Shen's defeat is mentioned in one of the episodes (I haven't actually seen this myself). If the show isn't related to the films, why has this been mentioned?

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    • I would say Yes it is canon to a certain extent. Unless it contradicts the movies it could be. We have to keep in mind that the director for the kung fu panda 4 might not watch the series, so he could accidentally rewrite pre-established backstories. 

      As long as it makes sense it is canon.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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