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  • KFP3-bluray

    Current cover art of the Blu-ray from Amazon

    The animated flick will be ready to fight on Blu-ray later this year.

    In an early announcement to retailers, 20th Century Fox is preparing 'Kung Fu Panda 3' for Blu-ray sometime in 2016. A Blu-ray 3D Deluxe Edition will also be available.


    Specs and supplements have not been detailed yet.

    Suggested list price for the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD combo pack is $36.99.

    Via High-Def Digest

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    • Lol, the film came out literally just a couple weeks ago and already there's news about the Blu-rays and DVDs. XD

      Can't say I'm unhappy about it, though - I'm definitely surprised, but not unhappy. :) Sigh, now if only I had a 3D TV...

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    • I got a source who says he can get the 4k master for me. Would be nice to have. But I'll probably end up buying the Blu-Ray anyways¬†:P

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    • an anonymous contributor
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