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    Kai has Jade Zombie Warriors, right? And The JADE Palace? Anyone see a connection here!?

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    • Lol, this feels like you're trying to suggest that Kai invented jade. :P No, he didn't make the palace. The citizens of the Valley of Peace did.

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    • (1 I am not suggesting he invented Jade, but I see how it could look like that

      (2 Ok,  But could he have supplied the Jade?

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    • Jade is a natural earth resource. Just because Kai can create jade warriors doesn't mean he's connected to other jade objects in the franchise. I was jokingly pointing that out with my last remark.

      But again, the citizens of the Valley made the palace. Plus, the palace sits on top of Jade Mountain, which is either named for looking like jade or for having a natural source of jade inside it. I'm inclined to think both is true.

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    • Ok. But you DID see my logic,right?

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    • I saw it, but it didn't connect properly. :P

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    • What?😕

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    • Here's how I saw it:

      • Fact 1: Kai makes jade zombies.
      • Fact 2: The Jade Palace is made of jade.
      • Warrant: (none)
      • Conclusion: Kai made the Jade Palace.

      That "warrant" is what logically connects the facts together, and then those connected facts create the logical "conclusion". Since you didn't have a warrant, nothing was connected and therefore the logic wasn't there - or at least supported.

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    • Warrent: Kai has a profound usage of jade, leading to my conclusion.

      Fact 3: Kai has a jade dagger-nunchuck hybrid weapon.

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    • Better now?😃

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    • Ah, no. That warrant doesn't connect Kai to the Jade Palace. The warrant needs to sensibly connect Facts 1 and 2. Adding an extra fact about Kai's other uses of jade also doesn't help.

      What might be a good (and probably the only) warrant for the argument would be to say, "Kai was present during the construction of the Jade Palace," but that isn't fact. If I remember right, he was banished to the Spirit Realm before that happened.

      I'm not sure I can explain this to you any better, so just forget about it. I was just trying to explain my thought process, but I can tell it's going over your head. :P

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    • Well now I ruined my thread. I was discussing THEORIES but this argument wrecked it. IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!😭

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    • Theories always need to have logic, though. This one didn't, but I'm sure there are others you could think of.

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    • Well, Oogway could have named the mountain in memory of when Kai was good, and made the Palace jade for the same reason...

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    • Like we saw in the movie the Pandas teach Oogway and show to Kai how to bring or restore life, but Kai find the way to take life or destroy life. So in some way, the Jade Zombies are only a design decision.

      Because again Kai and Oogway were "Brothers in Arms" they fight together and came from the same Valley, so while Oogway made this Ying and Yang Staff with Jade elements, Kai make two daggers of Jade. So when the both of them died both of them get their weapons back in the Spirit Realm.

      Only that Kai began using the daggers like a way to take or destroy life with the movements and emotions he knew and felt.

      Kai was alredy death when the Jade Palace was build, because Oogway abandoned the army and begin teaching and learning Kung Fu in that palace. So yes Kai didnt build the palace, i dont believe it. It would have been a great storytelling device but sadly they didnt develop the story that way in the flashbacks.

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