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    20:46, June 14, 2017

    Hey I was wondering if you guys were planning on making a subreddit of some sort? I use reddit alot and it would be awesome to have a place where people could like, post fanarts and stuff? Idk, just, wondering.

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    • I'm a redditor as well, so I did think about doing this when I was wanting to expand social media for the wiki. But a few things came up:

      • I decided we already have enough social media. And because I run 99.8% of it every day, I have to only create what I know I can manage on my own.
      • From my long experience of KFP stuff on the web: Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are where most of the KFP fans are located (with maybe the exception of Instagram, but it's for the most part exclusive to mobile phones - decided it wasn't worth it). Those platforms are our main hubs of non-wiki fan activity, and they're pretty lively and active as they are.
      • Going along with the last bulletpoint: Reddit is probably more popular with older fans of the franchise. I think it's a general fact, actually, that most tweens don't even know how Reddit works, so the fanbase is relatively smaller there than on other platforms.
      • There's already a subreddit for Kung Fu Panda. I was considering maybe contacting whoever manages it and see if they maybe wanted to do some kind of collab with us, or maybe assist in sprucing the sub up, but again, bulletpoint #1: I already had too much on my plate.
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