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    Could us make a universe's timeline of the Kung Fu Panda franchise? This could be useful for place correctly each of the six main movies, the shorts, and the synopsis of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

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    • I've thought of having a timeline before too. But, I think it depends on what we'd have in it. Just the name of the movies, shorts, etc. in order? Or more in-universe details, like major events, battles, defeats, births and deaths of characters, etc.?

      Bearing in mind that we don't know the ages of most characters, and including LoA episodes would also require a lot of effort and guesswork, because we don't know when a lot of them take place...

      So, I don't know if a timeline would be that accurate, or really necessary for the wiki. Still, it's an interesting idea.

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    • It would be cool, but like Vapormist said, we don't really know exactly when everything happened. If we did, I think it would be great!

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    • You could make LOA it's own seperate continuity, mostly because the characters and tone are so different from the films.

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    • I have the same concerns - there isn't really any way we could accurately distinguish time. It would be pretty cool to have, but it would indeed require a lot of guesswork.

      I'm also not sure how we would format it. Wikis don't really do well with anything that isn't an article page.

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