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    I've recently created a new discussion board in the Wiki Forums called Kung Fu Panda News. This board is specifically for posting about any recent news related to the Kung Fu Panda franchise. In light of recent KFP media, this board will likely fill up with topics related to Kung Fu Panda 3, Secrets of the Scroll, "Panda Paws", and Showdown of Legendary Legends, but more new KFP stuff is sure to come in the future (comics, promo merchandise, maybe LoA or potential future KFP series episodes, etc.).

    In the past, we've been "reporting" this new information by updating our articles, maybe mentioning it in the article comments, and making one or two threads about it in the General Discussion board. We've also been posting about it on the wiki's social media, which can be viewed from the feeds we keep on the wiki's homepage and Recent Activity page. However, in the hopes of increasing/enhancing discussion here on the wiki itself, I think it'll be much more convenient and useful to have it all in its own spot in the Forums.

    So from now on, if anyone (not just staff) finds any recent KFP news and wants to share it with the community (and it hasn't been posted yet), feel free to post about it in the new board! :)

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      News should go either in a related thread, or in a new one.
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