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  • (Via Hollywood Reporter)

    Feel free to share any of your thoughts/reactions/etc. on this recent cast change.

    I'm personally not sure how I feel about it. I was really looking forward to seeing Rebel's fun and goofy personality shine through Mei Mei, and now apparently DreamWorks is going to go through the entire re-animation process to reflect Kate Hudson's take on her.

    That said, I wonder how this will affect the film's release schedule? The article did say something about an "extended production schedule," which I sure hope doesn't mean that there's another release date change in the future. But animation isn't easy, or fast, or cheap, so I'm expecting some kind of setback at DreamWorks somehow.

    I'm also not too familiar with Hudson's work. I looked at her credits, and I don't think I've seen any of them. So I can't say for sure how she'll do with voicing Mei Mei.

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    • Another recast for KFP 3... This kind of came out of no where. I'm not that familiar with Rebel Wilson's stuff, but she sounded like she was into the role of Mei Mei, what with the pink nunchuks and everything... I wonder how much this means for both the film and the character?

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    • I'm not that familiar with Rebel Wilson's stuff, but she sounded like she was into the role of Mei Mei, what with the pink nunchuks and everything...

      Yeah, I thought so too. I think she and her role were very much similar to Jack Black with Po. It's going to take me a little while to get used to Kate as Mei Mei.

      What will really help is to see how she does in "Panda Paws", which I'm guessing is now currently under process of re-animation, which means we'll have to wait that much longer to see it. That also means that there's a Rebel Wilson version of it out there somewhere - I wonder if DreamWorks will ever consider releasing it as some kind of Easter egg? Not sure if that would be legal for them though since Wilson is probably officially signed off the entire film project.

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    • unfortunately this change seemed inevitable due to the recent drama caused by Wilson's comments... this forced Dreamwork's hand in making the change. I doubt any apology over the "joke" will reverse the replacement, damage has already been done.

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    • ^ I'm not going to step into that hot cauldron, but I will say that I didn't know about any of that until this re-cast news came out. People on social media kept referencing the VMAs, and I curiously looked up some info on it since I never watch (nor have I ever cared for) music award shows.

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    • alright, was just giving the actual reason

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    • It will be interesting to see how they adapt Kate Hudson's interpretation with so little time. I wouldn't want to be in the animator's shoes right now even if there's just minor tweaking to facial expressions.

      As for the change itself I'm not against it. As much as I think they had put Rebel's take into the character originally, if there were really scheduling problems, then fine. If DW thought they better not stay connected to someone with potential controversial or offensive jokes during press tour, then fine too. Kate's voice might not be as recognizable, but I do want everything to go the smoothest possible during promotion. I really want kfp3 to help DW recover.

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    • Not that this has as much relevance or importance anymore now that KFP3 is already finished, but for those who are curious, here's some recent news regarding this topic:

      Turns out she was indeed fired from her role rather than the previously reported reason of needing to bow out of an "extended production schedule." I personally didn't entirely buy that reason, to be honest, but that was the only thing ever reported about it, so that's what was stuck with. But unlike what was previously discussed, the articles explain that this was part of her testimony in suing a group of tabloid magazines that apparently wrote false claims about her, which she says was the reason she got fired from her roles (including one she was supposed to have in Trolls) and had her career damaged.

      So it seems this was the reason for her sudden let-go, rather than (or at least entirely) the previously discussed reason of her bad press after the VMAs. A little bit of closure, I suppose, if anyone was still wondering about the sudden change in cast.

      I wish there were more details on this case (the tabloid articles in question, trial transcripts, etc.), but in my opinion, it's not surprising at all to hear that tabloids are jumping celebrities for stories that sell. That said, I'm more inclined to side with Rebel. Despite her past actions and decisions, I feel she really deserved to voice Mei Mei. Also, tabloids are honestly just the scum of journalism. Hope Rebel wins the case.

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    • Update: Rebel won the case. I still wish there were more details on the case released, but I'm glad about the result. The article also mentions that she'll be donating her winnings to charity, happy to hear that.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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