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    14:37, July 3, 2016

    (Note: This is a message mainly directed to our social media followers, though it's also relevant to our active wiki editors as well.)

    Hey fans! Dropping in for a super-awesome announcement today addressed to all of our readers and followers!

    We're now almost 6 months away from Kung Fu Panda 3's January 29 release! Wahoo! :D As both a celebratory treat and a tool to help everyone with the wait, we're going to be sharing some awesome stuff from now until the film release--and maybe even after that, too!

    What exactly are we talking about?

    As we're sure you all know, we have a lot of information about the Kung Fu Panda franchise on our wiki; we essentially have our own palace-sized library of everything related to KFP. ;) With the upcoming release of the new film, we've been getting lots of new visitors here on the site itself, as well as on our social media. Some of these visitors are returning hardcore fans; some are hardcore fans that are new to our online community; some are fans that are new to both the franchise and our community; and some, fan or not, are just simply browsing our content.

    We want to share our vast knowledge of the KFP franchise with all of these diverse visitors, while at the same time increasing hype for the upcoming film and the franchise in general. But just having a website full of information may be a bit too much to handle at once. So instead, we're breaking it apart and featuring it as small, fun-sized pieces (i.e. graphics), and then sharing it through the epic web of social media!

    So how is this going to work?

    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we'll be posting a graphic on our social media accounts that will feature content from our wiki. This will be anything from character info, film trivia, awesome quotes, and tons more. Our KFP library has so much to share, so there really are no limits for us!

    We'll be starting out with one particular theme (which we'll be announcing via social media on Monday and then officially launching on Wednesday the 29th, the official 6-month mark for KFP3), and then gradually introduce others as time passes. We'll keep going until the new film's January 29 release, where hopefully our efforts have done well to accomplish our goals of increasing hype, expanding knowledge, and helping our fellow fans with the wait.

    How can you help out?

    1. Spread the word! We'll have hashtags featured on each of our graphics that you can use to help get the word out about Kung Fu Panda. Use these wherever available!
    2. Share it with your friends and family! Show everyone you know that you're a die-hard KFP fan that loves all the amazing content that's been featured from the franchise.

    Got questions? Feel free to ask us! We'll also be open to suggestions if you would like to submit any. What would you like to see in the next few months while we wait for Kung Fu Panda 3?

    We can't wait to do this with all of you; it's going to be bodacious!

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    • Could I be of any help with this? Or it pretty much taken care of?

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    • It's already sort of "done", I guess. I've already had a lot of the graphics made for months (out of both hype for the franchise and boredom in real life), and this is just something I started up to get them out on social media. I did ask Zaralith for his opinion on the launching details via the wiki's email, and he made the suggestion to do it on a MWF schedule. other than that, though, I already had this pretty much set up and semi-planned out.

      We are still brainstorming ideas for cards, though. It's likely we will keep going with this even after the film comes out. I started a list on a shared .DOC accessible from the wiki's email - which, honestly, I think you should have access to anyways; it only started with me and Zaralith because he offered to help with social media.

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    • Sounds OK. If you want, you can send me a message about it on DA.

      As for the cards, maybe once I see what they're like, I'll come up with some ideas...

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    • Okay, I'll send you the login information there when I can.

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