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    14:51, March 26, 2018

    Right now when you buy a Kids' Meal at Wendy's, it includes toys from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. There are five sets:

    • Kung Fu Tangrams Tangle
    • Shifu's Kung Fu Training
    • Furious Five Stack Pack
    • Balancing Po
    • Po's Chopstick Stack

    You can get more information on the Wendy's website. You'll have to scroll to the bottom and click on the picture of Po to get the information because they have the website set up so that it will only work by clicking on that exact link. You can't do a selective click and choose something like "open in new tab" in your web browser.

    After the Kung Fu Panda toys are done, they will be featuring other toys from DreamWorks Animation. The picture shows Alex from Madagascar, Shrek and Po.

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    • I've been wondering (well, more like speculating) about that. I think this is supposed to be just some general DreamWorks Animation promoting because of their 20th anniversary this year, but I'd actually like to think it's some kind of "secret" promo to try and instill KFP back into little kids - and guess why? ;)

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    • I happened to be near a Wendy's today so I decided to get one of the meals to check it out. I haven't looked at the toy yet, but I really like the design they put on the bag. While McDonald's uses a sturdier box (until their supplies run out and they switch to paper bags), they recently switched to a more generic design featuring that mascot named Happy that kind of creeps some people out. So no more custom boxes to tie into what toys and franchise are being featured.

      The bag is kind of a work of art. It shows the Furious Five and Shifu, along with the five toys that are available. It has a decorative Chinese design along the top, but the background behind the characters and the toys is a landscape with trees with red leaves that wraps around all four sides. If I have time and the restaurant isn't too busy, I'm going to see if I can have them leave the food out of the bag so that it stays as flat and wrinkle-free as possible. It's that pretty.

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    • I think DreamWorks likes to show off their design skills with KFP stuff, which I don't mind at all because they're quite the masters. Being a little obsessed over design stuff, I tend to notice all of the small details of design that most people look over (like contrast, alignment, color matching, etc.), and I absolutely love how DWA almost always seems to have something amazing out for KFP. I would love to be a graphic designer for one of their KFP projects, even if it was just designing stuff for kid's meal bags. ;)

      So if you say the bag really is that amazing, I should probably get one myself sometime!

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