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    14:40, July 30, 2014

    Still working on a more organized system for deleting articles, so we can just use one of the new voting schemes for now.

    DELETE THE ARTICLE foreign emperor

    Cast your vote on this topic by copying-and-pasting into your comment one of the code options from the list below. You are granted only one vote, but you may change your vote at any time during the voting dates, as well as submit any questions or comments you may have on the topic. Please remember to adhere to all discussion rules.
    OPENS: July 28, 2014 CLOSES: July 29, 2014

    Keep {{keep|<text>}} You are voting to keep the proposed article.
    Delete {{delete-v|<text>}} You are voting to delete the proposed article.
    Merge {{merge-v|<text>}} You are voting to merge the proposed article rather than delete it.
    Move {{move-v|<text>}} You are voting to move the proposed article rather than delete it.
    Redirect {{redirect-v|<text>}} You are voting to redirect the proposed article rather than delete it.
    Neutral {{neutral|<text>}} You wish to remain neutral and abstain from voting on the topic.
    Comment {{comment|<text>}} You wish to make a comment on the proposed topic.
    Question {{question|<text>}} You wish to pose a question on the proposed topic.
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      The character was never mentioned, just speculated. Plus, it's likely that we'll never even see him. So it seems pointless to me to have an article about it.
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      Yeah, I think it was only in episode synopsis', but there were different descriptions that made it unclear. Nothing about a "foreign emperor" either.
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    • Delete
      My two cents: I agree with the fact that the "Foreign emperor" should be deleted. Sure, it can be assumed that Mei Li has a father, but just because he's briefly mentioned doesn't mean that he deserves an article (if he DOES deserve an article, shouldn't the same be said about all the parents of all the characters, even if they are briefly mentioned?).
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    • Penguincw said:
      ... (if he DOES deserve an article, shouldn't the same be said about all the parents of all the characters, even if they are briefly mentioned?).}}

      Exactly, that's part of the logic I'm falling on. Technically every character has a mother and father, but only a few have actually made an appearance and/or played a significant role in their child's backstory.
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    • Sorry for not closing the poll yesterday. I wanted to wait a full 24 hours before doing so, but that just led to me putting it off until I forgot. :P




      The article will be deleted.

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