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    Day 27:   The Voices

    The voice actors & actresses

    Our month-long event is quickly coming to an end, everyone. During this whole month, we've focused on the what and why we think/love about Kung Fu Panda. We've now officially wrapped up everything in-universe with the franchise, and now we're taking a step into the out-of-universe world that makes the in-universe world possible. And, if you haven't guessed already, we're starting with the voices behind our favorite characters!

    This is yet another top reason everyone said they loved the franchise for. We've previously spotlighted in other blogs all of our favorite characters and what we love about them, and this was definitely one thing we all loved. It's amazing to see how a person can have so much talent in voicing a character that it shapes the character and makes a personal impact on us. Jack Black, in particular (for those of you who didn't know), used his own personality in his voice acting that eventually became the basis of Po's character we know today! This is why he is today's featured file in the video above—how much more awesome can someone get? :)

    I think it'd be appropriate right now to take a moment and really recognize these people for their awesomeness and give them all a round of applause in our heads. So here's a comprehensive cast list of all the main characters, as well as some prominent characters:

    Everyone else involved with minor roles in the franchise (character cameos in the TV series, characters in the video games and shorts, etc.) also deserve a round of applause. If I had the time and typing effort to list them all, I most definitely would. :)

    Open discussion time! Talk about anything you guys want about the franchise's voice actors, but I'm particularly curious to know everyone's opinion on these:

    • What is your favorite thing about any of these voice actors? In other words, what do they do well that makes their character role stand out?
    • Whose voice would you like to hear in future franchise installments?


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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Arim Adnap ON JUNE 27, 2013**

      Well I like Po's voice, Jack Black most because his behavior and his voice fit perfectly to both. Dustin Hoffmann is very good, too and I'd like to hear their voices in the future! Now I've to tell that I'm a German girl and I love these voices very much, too! Except of the ones if the series, the German voice actors aren't that good as the English ones! I'd like to have the original German cast here!... ;-)

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY VaporMist ON JUNE 27, 2013**

      My favorite is probably James Hong, the only VA who's stayed with his character for every media. He even wore a noodle hat at a con, ha! But they all do a good job.

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Jadepalacetrainee ON JUNE 28, 2013**

      I absolutely love how Jack Black does actions behind the scenes when voicing Po. He is hilarious! I can't choose a favorite though, they are all too good!

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY IDNpandamaster ON JULY 5, 2013**

      Theey're doing it really AWESOME!!!! All the voice actors was doing the best for kung fu panda. Even Jack is acting like po to make his voice act really good, well in my opinion. And i dont want they all changed.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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