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    Day 9:   Character Spotlight - Shifu

    "If you are truly at peace, you can do anything."

    Continuing with our heroes and villains theme, our next character spotlight is the "small-but-mighty" kung fu master, Shifu!

    Like yesterday, this will be another open discussion activity on Shifu, but also (again) another focus on his qualities that form his hero/villain status. So talk about anything you want about him, but more specifically discuss why he's another key hero figure to the franchise's story arc. Here are the questions introduced yesterday to help you in your answer:

    • Is this character primarily a hero or a villain?
    • What qualities make them this way?
    • Are they maybe (villainous/heroic) in some ways? Why or why not?


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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Arim Adnap ON JUNE 9, 2013**

      My favorite character!!! <3 He's so...awesome!!!

      Well, okay, back to topic... Why Master Shifu is the embodiment of a hero?!... Just like Po he has (for his size!) the greatest heart in the world! Besides that again, just look at his high! - I've never seen such a small but though mighty and tuff animal before! ...Sure, just as everybody he has his small mistakes, too... But he always tries to keep them out of the way of his heroic and important duties! ...But though he sometimes seems to forget his own life and healthy within this!... And he would do everything for his students!! - That's what makes him a hero but also easy to hurt!...

      So I guess, that's the shortest answer to such a complex question... If you want to define a hero and give it a name: It's Master Shifu! <3

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Lila Perez ON JUNE 9, 2013**

      Shifu, he is so awesome! I mean he is a great master! I also love red pandas! I dunno I really haven't gave him much recognition but, I do love him! LOL he is AWESOME!

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY VaporMist ON JUNE 9, 2013**

      My fave character, w00t.

      One of the main heroic traits in Shifu is his loyalty. He's a complicated character, especially in the first movie, and I think he makes the best deuteragonist to Po because he is more serious, but he's also funny and unpredictable. I could add more but I'll just keep it simple and end with this: It still sucks that he was left out of KFP 2 so much.

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Hollypanda ON JUNE 10, 2013**

      Shifu's a greate fighter and hero and a wise master

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY LoveShifus2 ON JUNE 10, 2013**

      Shifu is the most patient and wise character after Oggway, which make him a good teacher after all.... Even in the first he do not believe po as the dragon warrior, after Oggway told him to believe him, he's trying and success to make po to the dragon warrior. Shifu is A very important character in this movie, without him no one can be the master.

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Jadepalacetrainee ON JUNE 10, 2013**

      Master Shifu is an excellent teacher. He is wise, selfless, strong and as tough as he seems at first, he really has feelings for his students, especially Po. He would be considered a hero because of these traits. He is a great leader of the Jade Palace and I find myself learning a lot from him throughout the films.

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    • I think Master Shifu is a great master and hero. He has a great sense of humor and I to do learn a lot from him. Though, I don't think I would want him as my teacher all the time, ;)

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    • He is cute and funny 😊

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    • an anonymous contributor
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