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    Day 8:   Character Spotlight - Po

    "I'm not a big, fat panda. I'm the big, fat panda!"

    We started yesterday talking about heroes and villains as part of our event's current theme on the franchise's story arc—which, of course, is one of the biggest reasons we all love it, right? ;) So now continuing with that theme, we begin today with our first character spotlight: the one and only kung-fu panda himself, Po!

    Today's activity is basically an open discussion on Po. Feel free to talk about anything you'd like about him—what you like/dislike about him, what you think he'll do (or should do) in future films, etc. More specifically, though (in accordance to our current theme), discuss why he's a key hero figure. As discussed in the Heroes vs. Villains blog, one of the franchise's biggest story themes is that of good vs. evil, and Po is at the center of it all.

    Here are some questions to help you in your answer (which will also be used in future character spotlights to come):

    • Is this character primarily a hero or a villain?
    • What qualities make them this way?
    • Are they maybe (villainous/heroic) in some ways? Why or why not?


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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Gari777 ON JUNE 8, 2013**

      I like Po!He is my favorite character number 1!Sometimes i wish,he can be a real person. :D He is awesome and himself.He is a hero and i think his character is perfect for a hero.That, what i like so much at him is,that he can be funny and the same time to be serios.He always make it,whatever it is.He likes to be himself and he believe,that he can do it.Sometimes i dont belive in my self or i want to be someone other,because i think that i am strange or something like that,but then i remember Po and i am feeling soo good! :) Po is always so good an lovable and he cares abou his friends and family.And i like how he never give up and try it over and over again.I like how he makes awesome kung fu and ectualy makes that,what he likes,because he makes noodles too.He dosent thing always about himself and he can forgive the vilians too.

      For this moment,that is what comes to my mind.Maybe later,i am going to wrhite something else. :)

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Sweetluckygirl ON JUNE 8, 2013**

      I think what makes Po a hero is... His heart? Well, how he let go of his past, enjoy and thank for the present and look forward to the future with hope.

      The main quality which makes Po a hero is his ability to say bygones be bygones. How he can forgive so very easily. Like he did with Shen and the five. No matter who, if he sees someone who killed his kin, he won't be giving that guy second chances. He'd like to give some punches sure but a second chance? No way!

      The five harassed Po in the first movie. After he well, defected tai lung with His might or (belly:) The five felt sorry bah bah.. And he forgave them.

      His personality. He's so kind, caring and respects his elders. In the holiday, Po preferred to be with his dad who needed him rather then being with his childhood heroes. That's a big thing. It's also one of the reasons why I dislike loa. They completely ruined his character.

      That's way he was chosen as the dragon warrior, and not tigress. The dragon symbolized peace and clam as far as I know. Tigress has temper issues.

      Umm.. I can't think of anything else. So yeah...

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Arim Adnap ON JUNE 8, 2013**

      Yes, this panda has a real big heart! - That's what makes him a true hero! Right, a simple answer, but as said yesterday that's all it takes to be a hero! And Po's heart is even bigger than his tummy and his (really!) big mouth! ;-)

      So even if he's not my personally number one character (which is actually his master Shifu) he surely is the second one, just because of his loving and caring personality! <3

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY VaporMist ON JUNE 8, 2013**

      Po is great because he's an everyman, he's "yin and yang". He's wise in his own way, but not the brightest; he's strong, but not the toughest. He messes up, he learns, he tries. He attains spiritual enlightenment, then he uses it to destroy a whole army. Can't we all relate to that? xD

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY IDNpandamaster ON JUNE 9, 2013**

      Everyone is right, after read others comment. Po have heroes heart, that make him a true dragon warrior. He never give up, always trying, love to the others, and many more. Like the others too, i sometimes want to be someone, but i remember po and realise that i should be my self. Po change little part of my life, as i should never give up, always hoping, and believe everything is possible. And his when he's fighting, he don't want to suffer his enemy, or find a way to not to fight. He love peace, like me. From a noddle maker, accidentaly choosed to be a dragon warrior, disliked by the five, but he find a way to make the others believe him that he's dragon warrior, so he train, and defeat tai lung. After that the others believe that he's the real dragon warrior. And again, never give up!...

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Hollypanda ON JUNE 9, 2013**

      Po's an awesome fighter with a good heart and alway's doing what's right, He's a true hero

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Jadepalacetrainee ON JUNE 9, 2013**

      Po is a hilarious and entertaining character who loves his family and friends and I can never really see him being completely serious, Ever! Like when he manages to avoid tumbling into the firey lava pit in Lord Shen's factory and shouts "looking for me?" a little to early and even admits it, ya that was funny. He is a true hero who many in the Valley of Peace love and appreciate and as seen throughout both movies, and in LOA, the kids love him!

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Lila Perez ON JUNE 9, 2013**







      -A PANDA

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    • You know, I think those Youtube clips are actually making me miss Po more... That is, the "real" Po, not the LoA doppleganger.

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    • I see a lot of people complain (not so much in this particular thread) about how LOA screwed up Po's personality making him lazy and at times slightly arrogant. Here's my thought on it, or at least the best explanation I could come up with.

      IF we count LOA as canon then the first two films take place within a couple months of each other (LOA taking place after KFP2 and Dragon Warrior Challenge Day taking place on the 100th day of Po being Dragon Warrior). During the films Po's life was still changing dramatically and everything was still new and exciting, Like getting a new toy at Christmas. But like getting a new toy, after a while it loses it's marvelousness. The toy is still awesome and you still love it, you just don't play with it quite as much anymore. This is what I think happens to Po and accounts for the slacking off on the training and becoming complacent and lazyish. That and Pandas are naturally very lethargic creatures.

      As for the arrogance, he's only human so to speak, and being the dragon warrior has got to get into your head a bit. In 'Enter the Dragon' Po mentions that he hasn't ever lost to anyone. While he has taken a few beatings he has always come out on top in the end and this too can inflate the ego. In the films he dreamed of himself being a great warrior that everyone thought was super cool and while he may have been a humble and happy panda there was a part of him, even in the films, that always had slightly arrogant thoughts, just a little.

      In the end Po does have a good heart and does realize that his arrogance and laziness get the best of him at times but like I said he's only human, so to speak. Personally I do like the show and I would rather see characters have to deal with these kind of issues rather than to have them be the same stagnant characters episode after episode, year after year. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and these are just mine. Thank you.

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    • I think he forced thing sometimes,but he's funny and have a good heart,

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    • I really love his character,i want to make a movie in which he would be as Hero's brother,the main hero would be a human though but that will show that love doesn't depends upon faces but character,thats what i love about PO,he is cute,awesome,lazy but Shifu turned him into Dragon warrior,he can sacrifice himself for his friends and loves them alot and he's naughty too.That's what i love about him.

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    • I know. Po reminds me of Haru from Beverly Hills Ninja.

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    • Best Hero Ever, in my opinion.

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    • Three words : I LOVE PO!!!!

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    • an anonymous contributor
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