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    Day 6:   Happy Anniversary, Kung Fu Panda!
    Kung fu panda poster
    Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Open-ended Trailer 2

    Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Open-ended Trailer 2

    KFPTitleCardDream poPoKungFuPose

    Happy Anniversary!

    Today is the day—the epicenter of our entire celebration here on the Kung Fu Panda Wiki! Five years ago today, Kung Fu Panda was first released in U.S. theaters, marking the beginning of an internationally successful and popular franchise. This is the point where, if this was a big house party, I'd signal for the balloons and confetti to drop from the ceiling, and then roll out the gigantic cake.

    I hope everyone here is still happy to be celebrating this, because I'm still having tons of fun! And this franchise definitely deserves the large celebration we're having for it. I've seen through everyone's comments and messages (both on the blogs and the social networking accounts) that people really love and feel connected to this film. It's amazing that one hour-and-a-half-long animated film changed people the way it did, and how it's still continuing to inspire people all around the world. There's only a handful of franchises that can do that, and I'm sure happy this is one of them. :)

    There are so many things we could do for today's celebration activity, but we're going to keep it simple again: Post your favorite quote and/or scene from the film, and then give us your explanation of why it's your favorite (or one of your favorites, if you feel pressured in the decision).

    Again, you're welcome to submit repeats and as many as you'd like, but be lenient on new images so our galleries remain clutter-free. Thanks everyone—have fun! :)


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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED JUNE 6, 2013**

      Starting out:


      "To make something special, you just have to believe it's special." --Mr. Ping

      I guess this is one of the cliche quotes to share as a favorite, but it honestly is one of my favorites from the film (aside from all of the epic Oogway quotes, that is). I really loved this scene because it's where Po pieced together the mystery of the Dragon Scroll, realizing that one needs to just believe in themselves in order to do great.

      It's amazing what such a simple thing can do to make all of the difference - it's almost like magic! There have been countless times in my own life where all I needed was to just believe in myself and my capabilities so I could accomplish something. They weren't huge situations like becoming the Dragon Warrior and saving the Valley of Peace (although some were just as big of a deal to me), but rather relatively simple things that required dedication, self-confidence, and a sense of mental predetermination.

      I learned something similar in a public speaking course I took about a year ago, where we fed off of the teachings of Dale Carnegie. (Clarification: We used his teachings as the course's material, not actually being lectured by the man - which would be amazing if he was still alive...) One of the biggest points he gave was about "predetermining your mind to success," and then he gave examples of how simply being in the mindset of success enables you to do things in the most fascinating ways. It probably has some psychological aspect to it that I can't recognize (I blame my psychology course, which was a little less useful than my public speaking course :P ), but it would be interesting to research it sometime...

      Anyway, so I like both this scene and Mr. Ping's quote because it perfectly illustrates the simple concept of belief. :)

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY VaporMist ON JUNE 7, 2013**


      Went ahead and picked this one from the first page in the gallery. It is one of my favorite scenes, the moment where we see the growth of both Po and Shifu. The bow speaks volumes. Through kung fu, you can tell these two learned a lot from each other.

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    • Yay. :D

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    • "There is no special ingrdient.Its just YOU" PO

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    • an anonymous contributor
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