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    Day 3:   Why We Love Kung Fu Panda

    What is it exactly that we love about Kung Fu Panda?

    This was a perfectly timed theme for today! After looking over everyone's comments in yesterday's Share Your Discovery Story blog, I couldn't help but notice that there are people here who know other people that don't like Kung Fu Panda. And it's not just here that I've heard this, but it's something I've run into on other sites as well.

    The very thought of it is personally foreign to me because it seems like all of the people in my own life enjoy the franchise. My friends chat with me about it, my cousins like to watch it during our family dinners, and even my gun-action-loving brother likes it! (And seriously, that's a huge shocker to me. We're both picky on movies, and he particularly doesn't like 95% of the stuff that I like. But Kung Fu Panda is somehow part of that meager 5%. He even likes to watch the TV show now and then.)

    Of course, everyone has their own personal tastes in movies and other entertainment; if that's the case with these people, then that's perfectly okay and acceptable. But it's different for those who simply think it's "just a kid's movie", or that it "looks stupid". Hopefully they've actually watched the movies, because chances are they'll most likely see that neither of those descriptions properly fit. But in the case that they don't see, I'd like to take this opportunity to help them see. :)

    The purpose of this isn't to argue about others' tastes, but to share in ours. We all know that the Kung Fu Panda franchise (the films in particular) is much more than just stuff for kids, so let's form a list here of all the great and wonderful things we love about it. Here are some ideas:

    • Give a few bulletpoints
    • Share a personal experience
    • Give an in-depth review of a particular aspect
    • Anything else that helps to highlight and/or illustrate the franchise in a way that shows it's brilliant and suitable for all ages.


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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Arim Adnap ON JUNE 3, 2013**

      It's simply the best animated movie ever! Not only for children, but also for adults! The story is just so funny, stern and emotional at the same time and the characters are great! You can't help but feeling with them after a while, it's so touching!...

      There are far more reasons to LOVE this movie, but it would to long to explain it here! So you just should watch Kung Fu Panda on your own to get this incredible feeling yourself! ;-)

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Gari777 ON JUNE 3, 2013**

      Why love we kung fu panda?

      An interesting question. :)

      For me, i love kung fu panda because: . It is an amazing movie, awessome movie and so funny movie. . This movie has so much action and the kung fu moves and fights are so good and awessome! I actualy wasnt expected such a great moves, i can not remember another animated movie whit so gut kung fu moves and fights. . I like the Chinese culture and many viewers can learn a little more about it. . The little kids can learn to be themselves and to know, that they are spesial and awessome and they can likes themselves. . In the movie there is so much family and friendship. . When i watch the movies, i always feel better and i believe in myself and know,that i can make it.

      I think all of us likes the movies, because of those phrases. They are actually more, but i need to write too long. :)

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      it has so much fight and fun.My favourite character is monkey.Ilove kung fu and so much action.Its greaz movie about panda who beyome an amazing fighter.. ;)))))))

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Vcm1824 ON JUNE 3, 2013**

      I personal like the great story telling, wonderful animation and location and relatable characters as well.

      With Po, being my favorite character, I can easily relate to him. Being someone that is totally different from others and some people don't believe that you can do it. He proved that you can do the impossible, no matter what you are. All it takes is a little belief. I'm also very glad that they didn't make him a total doush from their begining work. If so, I probably wouldn't like him so much

      Plus I grew into an interest of Kung Fu martial art, even thought I'm not really a fan of fighting. I actually did take a Kung Fu class In my winter semester at college and loved it.

      I loved the movie when I was 15 (the age when I frist saw it.) and still love it at the age of 20.

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Lila Perez ON JUNE 3, 2013**

      Why? Do I like Kung fu Panda?!

      Well, first of all the movie has relateable characters. I have had problems related to po and tigress... and also, Tigress; being my favorite character; has shown me to be less scandalist and more... calm and gentle.

      PO! On the other hand was basically my other half! I eat when I am upset. I act clumsy but throw down when I have to! I have been made fun of and shunned and unpopular! I have a angry short tempered tiger on one side and a cute adorable and sweet panda on the other :D

      I also love the scenery and the art they have amazing voices! AMAZING! I also love how jack brought himself back by acting out Po :D

      My friends really didn't like the story, but they judge too quickly! I on the other hand took depth into the story and well HERE I AM! My friends are starting to take intrest now that Fat amy is going to be in the next movie LOL!

      I am currently watching Kung Fu Panda 2 :D (When shen is arriveing to gongmen city) And it's possibly my 170th time watching it -_____- I can't wait 'til the next movie AHHHH!

      I have love Kung fu Panda since I was 12 (Now 17) and I happily am confident enough to say that I will 100 years from now!


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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Jadepalacetrainee ON JUNE 3, 2013**

      I love it because it proves that you can do anything and be anyone you set your mind to. It also gives me an energy boost in all of the action parts because who can sit still while Po defeats evil villans and saves China? I certainly can't. My friends can never watch Kung Fu Panda in peace because of how loud and crazy I am when I watch it. I also learned from it that no matter what the obstacle, you can still find victory in any battle you face.

      LONG LIVE KUNG FU PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Tigress115 ON JUNE 4, 2013**

      I don't know why I like it so much. I've liked other animated movies, and stories, and scenery, and music, but I have never liked anything as much as I like Kung Fu Panda. Probably the one thing that made me like it a lot was that the first time that I watched the second film I watched it alone. Now I only watch it alone and it does make the experience that much better.

      •I've always been a fan of animated films

      •I've always liked Chinese Martial Arts and martial arts films

      •Hans Zimmer is the next John Williams!

      •I like the Chinese Culture and Chinese History and Chinese NOODLES!

      •I like Tigress

      •I like the scenery

      •It gives me something to like in my alone time.

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED JUNE 4, 2013**

      Ever since I truly discovered Kung Fu Panda, it has been a sort of "safe haven", or "escape from reality" for me; a place I can visit to get out of stress, be a peace, and delve into something I truly love.

      There are a lot of interesting aspects about Kung Fu Panda that I have come to appreciate over the past year. Out of everything there is, my favourite piece of media from the franchise is undoubtedly the music. I have been a musician for about seven years now (I play Tenor Saxophone and Piano), and listening to something that allows me to dig deeper into the universe of Kung Fu Panda really expands my love and understanding for it. I hardly have any time to watch the movies these days, so listening to the soundtracks (from start to finish) allow me to relive them without actually watching them! I often use the music as sort of a "background soundtrack" to my own life, so to speak. When I do individual work at school, lay in bed at night or just feel like daydreaming, the soundtracks are right there in my pocket (on my iPod) to assist me in my endeavors. 

      Another facet of Kung Fu Panda I take thorough liking to is the characters and the story itself. It takes a lot to create such things, and to do it well takes even more time, patience and hard work. Kung Fu Panda (in my opinion) is one of DreamWorks' finest achievements in the movie industry. Although not for everyone, those who have a knack to appreciate it, truly may.

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      I loved KFP because it can make me feeling better, lot of lessons, such like anything is possible, and lot. The story was so amazing, the music, character, everything is awesome. And i love the chinese culture, kungfu moves, and now i'm studying the chinese language.

      From all animated films that DreamWorks made, this is the best of the best (for me). From a panda that just a fan of kung fu, accidentaly make him became a kungfu master, that's mean anything is possible. Well, it's a very lot things and it's not enough to explain here, and there's something that can't explained with words. And sorry for bad english

      -Arung (Indonesia)

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Lolita2730 ON JULY 17, 2013**

      I do not know about you but for me, when I look at KFP, I feel like going back in time in ancient China with its beautiful scenery and incredible animals. and the film complies with the Chinese culture and frankly, KFP is part of the best annimation movies!

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    • I love this cause i loved pandas alot and when i watched the cute cuddly PO,thats what i liked the most,the 2nd thing that i liked was the hug of Tigress and PO and also love its location.

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    • I love the Kung Fu Panda because I'm a furry since it is a popular anthropomorphic animal film franchise, taking place in China and Po is one of my favorite anthropomorphic animal characters.

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    • 1st reason, antropomorphic ANIMALS that fight! Who wouldn't watch that. Besides that I love how much the characters are so developed and I love how emotional the stories are :D

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    • Zaralyyth said:
      **ORIGINALLY POSTED JUNE 4, 2013**

      Ever since I truly discovered Kung Fu Panda, it has been a sort of "safe haven", or "escape from reality" for me; a place I can visit to get out of stress, be at peace, and delve into something I truly love.

      That's what it is for me too.  I like Kung Fu Panda also because when I see Tigress I see the cartoon version of me.  Our personalities are very similar, and she has inspired me to go to kung fu classes.  And I really like Po, I think he's very cute <3.  And Kung Fu Panda is very funny and it always makes me laugh.  I also really like the bond between Po and Tigress, and I think that one day, it could blossom into something more than friendship.  Kung Fu Panda is truly aweome :)

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    • i love kfp because of po mostly he's funny and clumsy he also is a very caring character and kinda represents me but also tigress she's also a loving character she hardcore,strong,and caring in her own way tigress represent me more than po but the whole movie is full of laughter and heartfelt moments which make the movie good but my favorite part is where po and shifu argue about po trusting their master and staying and i especily like the part where po says every time you through a brick my head or said i smelled it hurt but it could never more than every day of my life just being me that is what i like about kung fu panda

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    • an anonymous contributor
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