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    Day 2:   Share Your Discovery Story

    How did you first discover Kung Fu Panda?

    This seems like the most obvious discussion topic in any fanbase, and yet for some reason no one here has asked about it yet! So I thought I'd take the opportunity today for the 2nd day of our 30 Days of Kung Fu Panda event to use it as our featured question of the day. :)

    We're all here (whether as a browser or an active editor of this wiki) because we have heard about or experienced something with Kung Fu Panda. But how exactly did we all individually come to discover it? I'm sure this is something we'd all like to know from our fellow peers and/or the members of this community—and it's something we all have in common! Surely you wouldn't be here if you didn't know something about Kung Fu Panda? ;)

    And what's more of the beauty of it? Each person's story, regardless of the circumstances of the initial discovery, will be unique and different—most likely in more ways than one!

    I invite everyone, fans and browsers alike, to share YOUR Kung Fu Panda discovery story: how you first found out about it; what you experienced once you eventually watched something from it, though it doesn't necessarily have to be the first film; and, if you're a fan, how you came to love it.


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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED JUNE 2, 2013**

      I'll start out:

      I actually didn't get into Kung Fu Panda until it had already come out on DVD in November of 2008. Before that, however, I vaguely remember going to the movie theaters earlier that year and walking by a large cardboard cut-out of a chubby panda in a kung-fu pose. (Gee, I wonder who that could be?) I thought it was a little weird at first: "A 'kung fu panda'? Who the heck came up with that?"

      But later (in November) I discovered these were the same creators of some of my other favorite animated movies at the time: Shrek, Over the Hedge, Spirit, Shark Tale, and Madagascar. Additionally I had some friends who had already seen it and really liked it. I usually trust their opinions on movies and books, so I decided at that point not to judge so quickly. I went down to the store, bought it, and watched it as soon as I got home.

      When I watched it... Wow. It felt like I had never seen a good movie before in my entire life. The story, the characters, the music, the scenery - everything was just mind-blowing me by the second. And after it finished, I was in awe and disappointment at the same time - disappointed that it ended so quickly. :P

      And guess what? #Trivia: My favorite character at the time was Tigress! Yeah, didn't think you'd hear that from me, did you? ;) But it's the truth. In fact, I liked her so much at the time that I wrote a poem about her for my English class I was taking at the time in high school. (Will I share it? Eh, maybe one day. Maybe on one of these upcoming days for our 30 Days event!)

      So after that, I was officially obsessed. I watched the movie over and over again, I talked about its awesomeness with my friends, I wrote that poem for school - everything except look up stuff about it on the Internet. Probably would've gotten to this wiki sooner if I did!

      But, like all obsessions, it eventually simmered out a bit. I had watched the movie so many times that I pretty much had it memorized, and when that happens, I purposely take a break from it so one day I can get back into it again. That didn't happen until 2010 after I had graduated high school. I watched the movie again, loved it, and finally went on the Internet to look up when a sequel would come out. And thus I found this wiki. :)

      So there's my story of discovery. It had a few more details, but this was as condensed as I could make it. :P

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED JUNE 3, 2013**

      I had just started grade 8 when the first Kung Fu Panda trailer was announced. I was gone to see a movie in my local theater during the evening, and I remember it being there on the big screen, the world premier trailer. I remember being fascinated, confused and in awe, as I had never seen anything like it before. Apparently, others felt the same as I did. The next morning at school, a friend of mine came up to me and exclaimed her wonder for this new "Kung Fu Panda" concept. I remember we exchanged thoughts about it. It seemed to exciting and intriguing to us at the time, our minds full of wonder. However, at the same time, my parents figured is was no more than a kids movie, and wouldn't let me go see it in theatres, despite the overwhelming joy and curiosity I felt towards it.

      This part of the story becomes cloudy, and I don't exactly remember how things transpired, but I'll do my best to recap how [I] remember it being. 

      It would be a whole year before I finally watched Kung Fu Panda for the first time. After that initial trailer, I had gone on to forget all about it. It was often tradition for my mom and I to stop by our local Rogers' Video and Game Rental store just in town. It was there that I saw, in big, bold red letters on a DVD case "Kung Fu Panda", sitting there, idly calling me to it. Thankfully, I was allowed to get it, and so I did, and that night I watched it (alone, though, as my mother nor younger brother had interest in it). 

      I don't remember how I felt after watching it for the first time. But I think I can conclude that, at that age, I just wasn't mature enough in the mind to fully appreciate the movie, because after that night I forgot about it again, never looked back on it, never gave it the liberty of a second thought.

      It was not until September of 2011 that I gained a certain liking towards animated movies. That month was when I had discovered How To Train Your Dragon (another adoring universe by DreamWorks, I highly recommend it). I became so in love with the story and the animation that I would watch the movie at least once a day, usually in the evening before I went to bed, or even during the day at school on my iPod. Soon after, in October, I discovered that the internet was more powerful than I had ever known. Prior to this time, I had been using it simply for YouTube, music, video games, etc, but I discovered that it could also be used for research, contemplation, and everything related.

      And so I searched, day in and day out for information about the How To Train Your Dragon Universe. I became so obsessed with it, it became a priority. I would check back to news sites, Wikipedia and any sources I could find that gave new new about the "possible TV show (which is now a reality)", speculation about a second movie, etc. 

      This intense focus on HTTYD lasted until the end of November, when, one night, as I lay there thinking about it, a new idea sparked in the back of my mind. "Wasn't there an animated movie about Kung Fu fighting Pandas?"

      And alas! My imagination exploded. I had found something deep within my mind that had obviously been sitting there for years. This was the realization that Kung Fu Panda had never left my mind at all; a sign that, even though I thought naught of it, the movie DID have meaning to me way back then. I became instantly enthralled with the idea of a new universe I could expand in, I reconciled in Kung Fu Panda 2 trailers I now remembered seeing, it all made sense, and it must have been fate that I found Kung Fu Panda.

      I became even more obsessed with it than HTTYD, I gorged myself in its glory, writhed in pure love and content as I watched it over and over again, delving deep into BOTH movies, I could not believe I had not found it sooner. As with HTTYD, I utilized the most unique source to search for information: the internet, and that is where I stumbled upon the Wiki, here, in January of 2012, and since then, my love for Kung Fu Panda has only grown. 

      To put it simply, after I joined the Wiki, I used the chat to socialize with fellow Kung Fu Panda Fans, discover new ideas and concepts about the franchise, and overall, expand my personal knowledge and mental maturity as a whole through my own independent thinking and discovery. It's been a long year, and I've never stopped thinking about Kung Fu Panda. I took a particular liking to the music, enriching and beautifuly flowing as it is, I was (not surprisingly) disappointed when the soundtracks that were released left out some pieces from the movies. The first soundtrack even went as far as combining some songs, which I had to split in order to put them into the correct order for listening.

      I rediscovered Kung Fu Panda during the summer of 2012 through the introduction of Legends of Awesomeness. It has its quirks, but provides an overall fulfilling feeling as we wait for the next installment of the movie series. 

      These last few months, however, have been more devoted to school and life, and my activity has dropped somewhat here on the Wiki. I still visit every evening, however, and idle in the chat, where you can always find me.

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Arim Adnap ON JUNE 2, 2013**

      I saw the trailer and thought at once "Wow! That looks great!" So I waited for the film on DVD but first I listened to the CD...and was so totally overwhelmed by this awesome story I couldn't wait seeing it!... Now it's my favorite movie and I watch it again and again, just like the second one (which I saw in the theater because I couldn't wait until it was out on DVD!) and the Legends of Awesomeness serie...

      I simply LOVE Kung Fu Panda and the characters!!! <3

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Gari777 ON JUNE 2, 2013**

      I actualy watched the movie in 2011. I saw many posters and trailers from this movie, but after that i actualy forget about it. And i did not watch so many movies in these year.

      But later in 2011 i saw a trailer from Kung fu panda 2 and i was wondering about what is this movie, i mean abot Panda and kung fu,but yes, it was a little wierd. But i wanted to watch the movie, so i did it.I had so much time.

      And after i saw the first movie, i was like " There is not better movie then this!" . And i wanted to see the second movie ride now after the first. I downloaded it and i saw it. I actualy needed to eat for dinner, but i wanted to watch the movie. And for me, it was better then the first.And then i watched over and over and over and over and know what i mean.

      Just this movies are not just funny and awessome movies.They are actualy something more, i mean when i watch them, i feel like i can do everything, i feel much better and i believe in myself. There is so much friendship and family there. :)

      I started to talk whit my friends about it the movie.Some of them have: watched only the first,some of them- the both of them and some actualy did not see it yet! I wanted to give them the DVD and i did it. And i talk so much about the movie.They have enought from me, but i can not stop to talk about it.Actualy yet i try not to talk about it every time, but yes... ,it is not that easy :)

      So i am really excited abou the 3td one! :)

      And for the other 3 movies,when Dreamworks want to make them. :)

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Vcm1824 ON JUNE 2, 2013**

      I first found out about it as a trailier for Shrek the third dvd(that was a long time ago, wow!) And I have to admit...I didn't think it would be a good movie (Don't hate me but it's the truth).

      Months flew by and I started to like it a little bit. I mean it had some of the thing I originally liked.

      1) I loved collecting and learning about the Chinese culture

      2) Panda's are indeed my favorite animals

      So finally I gave in and wanted to see it. It was in June and I had just ended my Freshman year in high school. I saw it with my friends and I'll tell you, after the film was over I was in love with it.

      Then in 2011, around the end of my seinor year in high school, I saw the second one and was blown away as much, even more, than the first.

      After that everything changed for me. I wanted to be an elementary teacher but after the movie, I changed to be an animator. The animation was so good that I wanted to do something like that.

      Plus, I started writing my own series featureing those characters. "A Day with Kung Fu" is my biggest sucess in my life and I am proud of it.

      I will still keep watching the movies and tv series, even if I make them in my future career.

      I give my thanks for Kung Fu Panda for being around and I can't wait for the next movie of the series.

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Tigress115 ON JUNE 2, 2013**

      I remember seeing the trailer back in 2008 and wanting to see it in theaters. My father thought it looked stupid and my mother wanted to see it.

      Well time went on and we never saw it in theaters. It wasn't until about a year later that it came to mind again. I vividly remember seeing it playing on a small television in some store. It was the part where Tai Lung was escaping the prison; I thought it looked pretty good.

      Probably a few days later, I finally saw it and I liked it, a lot. I even remember briefly becoming obsessed with it. My favorite character at the time had been Crane. At one time I actually quoted him to get my annoying cousin out of my room (It didn't work though).

      Eventually my obsession died down and I didn't watch it as much. Then came the Holiday Special in 2010. I thought, "Wow more Kung Fu Panda!" I recorded it and watched it about a hundred times. Then it got erased.

      Then in 2011 I saw the trailer for the second film. I wanted to see it in theaters and I knew other people that wanted to. But time went on, again, and we never saw it.

      Then Legends of Awesomeness came out, I thought it would be stupid like a lot of Nickelodeon's shows so I never watched it. A few months later I saw the episode Chain Reaction and I liked it, so I guess I was to quick to judge.

      Now finally it was late May of 2012 and I finally got my first glimpse of the second film. It had already started and was about five minutes in when I tuned in. There was a loud party going on in my house and screaming kids from some obscure family members were running around making lots of noise. So the inevitable happened and I only watched about ten minutes of it.

      I knew it couldn't only come on once so I checked the TV guide in my room and sure enough it was there. I recorded it and watched it about a week later. This is when I really got into the franchise. I watched it alone so I was fully engaged in the film and I was amazed by it. Then I watched it a second time. And a third. Then I was away from home on vacation but I had my Xbox and I played the first game every chance I could. Then I got back home and watched it over and over again.

      Then, maybe it was some ridiculous comment from a family member, I started secretly watching it and hiding it. But it made me become more obsessed with the film, and I was really obsessed with Tigress. I then downloaded and watched every single Kung Fu Panda film, episode, and short, and I downloaded both soundtracks.

      As I was searching for Secrets of the Masters I found this wiki. Then, after watching Legend of the Legendary Warrior, I started searching the wiki. I had found out that there was as many as six films planned and I was freaking out!

      Finally, about a week later I made an account. Now I log-in every chance I get, and I watch Kung Fu Panda every chance I get, and I listen to the soundtracks every chance I get. But the one thing that I do the most, which I'm sure we all do, is wait for the third film...

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      The first time I watched it was in 2009. I never heard of it before, but when I walked into spanish class one day, my teacher told us we were watching a movie called Kung Fu Panda. I was fine with that. Unfortunatly, we watched it in spanish. With english subtitles at least. I started looking forward to spanish class since it would take us a few classes to watch it. I had a hard time understanding it though, so I didn't really start watching it again until 2011 when KFP 2 came out. But I stopped watching it again until summertime in 2012. Thats when I got obsessed with it again. I've become so obsessed that I started the whole countdown thing to KFP 3 first at school, then here. I have introduced KFP to some friends of mine, but they all hated it,( except for one who REALLY loves it now), and have watched my KFP2 dvd until it broke, literally.

      I can't wait for KFP 3!!!!!!!!

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Lila Perez ON JUNE 2, 2013**

      I remember that the first time I saw it was in a friend's house and I at first didn't like this story and I being a little 12 year old I thought twilight was the thing, but a year later my brother told me about it and I was like OMG I love this movie and I was happy seeing it. 2 years later the panda snuck into my mind the day I saw the trailer for kung fu panda 2. I was PUMPED! I wanted to see it but, I had no money... sadly my older borhter went and I stayed at home trying to imagine how awesome the movie would be! I rember my brother came back and I ran up to him and said, "HOW WAS IT!" all he could say was, "It was sooooo awesome!" I smiled and waited for it to come out on 1channel, where I go to watch movies for free. My brothers knowing I longed to watch it one day they told me, "LILA ITS ON HERE LOOK!" You should have seen me run! I was so happy and I now own the movie! And,

      the funny thing is, I thought shen was a girl LOL and hated her and over the years I discovered and began to write on other cartoons but I now ( Now being 17) am one of the best reads of the site and people have asked me to write for their websites! I gladly accepted and am now very well known on the site! Thank God that I discoved Kung fu Panda! I love how I can connect to the characters and laugh even when the story gets serious! Po, is a huge piece of me that shows that I am myself and Tigress is also a piece of me that many don't want to see! LOL well yeah... Kung fu panda changed my life... on a physical and personal level... Thats why I am a fan of Kung fu panda!

      -Lila (Panda Lover forever ;))

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Jadepalacetrainee ON JUNE 3, 2013**

      I watched the first movie when it came into theaters. I loved it and was so excited when I heard that there was a second movie. Even though I was running a 102 degree fever, I still went to the Kung Fu Panda 2 movie premier. That night I made Kung Fu Panda 2 my favorite movie and could not wait to get it on DVD. Im so excited for the third movie to come out so I can add another villian to my wall of shame along with Tai Lung and Lord Shen.

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Hollypanda ON JUNE 3, 2013**

      My first discovery of kung fu panda was 2007 when the trailer came out on the shrek the third dvd and saw movie june 10th 2008 4 day's after the theater release and i've alway's been a kung fu panda fan since.

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      I actualy know about kung fu panda from the game, Kung Fu Panda : The Game in 2010. I was 5th grade. When my father's friend want to test that game on my pc. I think it just a ordinary game, no awesomeness. But when i started to play it, i started to think it was a great game. The graphics, the story, the move are so awesome. Then, I became a (very) fanatic fans.

      But I think it was from a movie, so i search the movie on the internet. But i just get the final battle between Po and Tai Lung. I looking for DVD at my town, but it was very rare, I get the DVD in 2011, i'm so happy, super happy. After that, I watch it and it was so awesome! I watch it 3 times at once, so i watch it about 4,5 hours. I even remember all the dialog in KFP 1

      I keep searching about Kung Fu Panda, and I found Legend of Awesomeness.

      I starting to ask, Is there some movie or shorts about the daylife of po and friends?. Then after know about Legend of Awesomeness, I download every episodes and watch it every time i can.

      When KFP2 came out, i'm so happy, i can't wait to watch it. And i miss it. So i wait for DVD release. After the release and i buy it. I watch it and it so awesome! I watch it every time i could.

      My parents don't really like it, and i cant watch it with my noisy and annoying brother, so i watch it secretly, usually when no one in the house, or when other are sleeping.

      I keep searching about KFP, and i got this wiki. OMG!!!!! It was so complete. I discover lot about KFP in this wiki, like the places, characther, etc. I visit every time i connected and participate every event.

      I just can't wait for KFP 3, for what i loved and i appreciated. I'll be patient to wait it, for 2 years again, and everyone must waiting for it too. I maybe the biggest fan in my city

      And sorry for bad English

      -Arung, From Indonesia

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    • **ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Sweetluckygirl ON JUNE 3, 2013**

      When the first kung fu panda movie came out I was like 9 years old? maybe even a little younger, Anyway, My brothers who are 18 at this moment brought the CD illiglly ;) So i watched it, fell in love with Tigress who had a very important ampact on my life. I used to act like her, try to talk like etc loved it, continuously talk about her with my friends until they begged me to stop and then I forgot about her and the movie.

      So after some years when the teaser trailer of kung fu panda 2 came out. My brothers showed it too me and I was quite suprise, shock's a better word. So I waited desperatlly while i watched the first movie a couple of times finally the day came and Kung fu panda 2 was release in theares. I watched the first movie before watching the second one to understand it better.

      I was excited beyound measure and was reminded about my crazy love for Tigress. Once again, I forgot about it. So yeah, I became a fan after watching a episode of kfploa I found the Wiki and FF. And as the days passed by I found Kung fu panda more and more fascinating and found it interwining with my life.

      Being a 12 year old right now, I simply adore Kung fu panda, and understand it as well. I'm a "hardcore" fan. Though I cantribute very little, I usually visit the wiki.

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    • I discovered Kung Fu Panda at a group thing. We would normally watch movies and one of the adults had brought the movie. At first I didn't pay any attention to it until I saw Tigress. I love felines and I then began to watch the movie. But I soon forgot about the movie and when the second one came out, I would watch it over and over again, driving my family nuts! I don't watch much TV so I rely on wiki to get news about the shows and what is going on.

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    • When KFp 2 was released,i downloaded its cinematic torrent and when i watched it,man i became the greatest fan of kfp,PO and kung fu then i dowloaded Kung Fu Panda 1,it was awesome too.

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    • I first saw Kung Fu Panda in 2008. My brother liked that sort of thing, so I was dragged to the movies to see it. I recall originally thinking that it pandered to younger kids a little too much and couldn't stop thinking about how unlikely it was that a panda would ever have the ability to do kung fu. I actually ended up liking the message of the movie, though. 

      I didn't really start liking the franchise until I watched the second movie. I was in a state of disbelief when I learned that they were actually making a sequel. However, I went to the movies to see it anyway and enjoyed it more than the first movie because it catered more to an older audience.

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    • I always loved action movies with martial arts and big battles and that kind of stuff, so KFP was the perfect movie for me. I became so in love with it that I went to go see the second film opening night while running a 102 degree fever! I'm now counting down the days to the third film!

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    • For me it actually started out with HTTYD. My friends wanted me to watch it, so I did, and now it is my favorite franchise. I had actually never really heard of Dreamworks until then, or at least didn't know it. But on the DVD we got, there were previews for KFP, and I was like "Hey, that looks fun!" So after asking a few people what they thought of it, I put it on hold at the library, and after watching that, I was like "That was AWESOME!!! Let's watch the next one and the series!!!" So yeah. I've loved KFP ever since. Thanks to Astrid and Gemstone!!! <3 ;D

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    • When I was younger, I got to see the Kung Fu Panda movie for the first time, all my family loved the movie, especially my dad. On my birthday, I got Kung Fu Panda on DvD and truly I enjoyed the KFP franchise all together, I even have KFP plushies. Evetually I got tired of it and started liking other things. When KFP 2 came out I still was not as excited as I was for the original movie. Years later my brother bought KFP the video game. At that point, I was having fun playing the multiplayer on the video game, while doing that I was starting build up my love for the franchise again. Later on I heard about KFP showdown of Legendary legends. Me and my brother bought this, but by then I was already a Kung fu panda fan. I had also heard about KFP 3 and I was really excited. I was checking back on dreamworks tv every day to try to see a new sneek peek. I thought there would most likely be no more KFP movies after 3, but looks like theres going to be 3 more. Anyways here I am now, a big fan! :)

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    • I remember seeing a lot of hype around it back when I was doing teakwondo, seeing as the first movie was coming out around that time. There was quite a buzz going on about it across the martial arts community and I remember thinking that it looked interesting, but never got around to seeing it and eventually forgot all about it. But after seeing Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic)'s reviews of the first two movies last December, I was reminded of what I was missing out on. With Kung Fu Panda 3 around the corner, trailers for the movie playing on YouTube and all, I realized I had some serious catching up to do! Not too long after, I found DVDs of the two movies on eBay (legal copies, don't worry) and needless to say, it definately won me over! One month later and I was the first peron in the theater to see the third film on opening night! Seriously, this series is awesome!

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    • At primary school, we always watch movies at the end of the year.

      In the Summer of 2008, when I was 9, the original Kung Fu Panda was screened in my classroom, and me and my friends instantly fell in love with it the moment it began.

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    • I discovered KFP WAY too late, probably because my initial thought upon hearing about it - back when it came out - was, "That sounds dumb." I finally saw the first movie in late 2015, and I was so surprised by how much I liked it! I immediately sought out the sequel, and liked it even more than the first. Now I just had to wait for the third film to come out. My reaction? To be honest, I was a little disappointed with it. But I still harbor a strong love for the franchise, and I am excited to see where it goes in the future. :)

      • whispers* I am also praying with all of my heart that I will be able to meet Tigress at Universal someday...
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    • I was 7 or 8 years old when I first found out about "Kung Fu Panda". It happened when my parents rented "Bee Movie" on DVD. Kung Fu Panda was one of the previews, but they all went by so fast that I wasn't able to take it all in. Later on, when I was visiting a Toys R Us for some unknown reason, I found a children's book about Kung Fu Panda. On one of the pages was Tigress, and I fell in love with her instantly. Since my parents were busy and couldn't take me to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda, I saw it online and thought it was AWESOME! Later, when it came out on DVD, I got it along with Secrets of the Furious Five. I have to tell you, I was pretty shocked to find out that Tigress was an orphan! But after all of that, I became a bonafied KFP fan. I then went and saw KFP 2 and KFP 3 when they came out in theathers, and I'm hoping that KFP 4 is as good as they are!

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