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    Suggested by User:DanChan123, this is a community voting thread in creating a new forum board specifically for games.


    Per this discussion, the wiki's administrators have agreed that a games board may potentially serve a purpose in strengthening interpersonal relationships between users.


    • Should the verdict result in favor of the topic, the board will be created within 24 hours and have specific criteria to its conduct added to the Forum Policies & FAQ.
    • Should the verdict result in opposition of the topic, the suggestion will be rejected and this thread will be closed.


    Cast your vote on this topic by copy-pasting into your comment one of the code options from the list below. You are granted only one vote, but you may change your vote at any time during the voting period, as well as submit any questions or comments you may have on the topic. Please remember to adhere to all discussion rules.
    OPENS: May 26, 2014 CLOSES: June 2, 2014

    Voting Options
    Support {{support|<text>}} You are voting in favor of the proposed topic.
    Oppose {{oppose|<text>}} You are voting against the proposed topic.
    Neutral {{neutral|<text>}} You wish to remain neutral and abstain from voting on the topic.
    Comment {{comment|<text>}} You wish to make a comment on the proposed topic.
    Question {{question|<text>}} You wish to pose a question on the proposed topic.
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    • Support
      Refer to this thread for my reasoning.
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    • Support
      Chipping in my vote from that thread...

      But why is voting open for a week? Is that just how long all voting is?

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    • VaporMist said:
      But why is voting open for a week? Is that just how long all voting is?

      Yeah, it's a pretty standard, easy-to-remember time frame--one that has a good balance of allowing people enough time to vote, but also not letting it drag on for too long. And sure, I think it should be a week each time unless the voting topic/circumstances call for a longer or shorter time.
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    • Comment
      But if the board is made within 24 hours, why would we need voting open for a week?... It's not a big deal or anything, just something I noticed.
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    • Comment
      That's just a precaution in case I'm not immediately available. Sometimes I come on here to quickly check up on things before taking off to school or work, and usually things with multiple steps (like creating a new Forum board) take too much time out of my rushed morning schedule.

      But again, as far as allowing a week for time, I figure if someone comes late for a vote and really wanted to vote in one of these threads, they'll have fewer excuses than someone who is more active than they are.

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    • We've reached the end of the voting period.




      The new board "Fun & Games", as well as its new criteria, will be added to the Forums main page and the Forum Policies & FAQ respectively within 24 hours.

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