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    This is a community voting thread in disabling the user blog feature on this wiki.


    Per this discussion, the wiki's administrators have agreed that using the forums for key community discussion and interaction is more sufficient than the blogs.


    • With your vote, please give a reasonable and adequate explanation to your decision and your thought process. In other words, do not simply vote against disabling them just because you like them and want them to stay, and vice versa. Because this decision will affect more people than just yourself, we want to be fair and thorough in our reasoning. Votes that do not supply this will be asked to do so, and noncompliance will result in a void vote.
    • Should the verdict result in favor of the topic, the blogs will have all of its content moved to the forums, and soon after disabled.
    • Should the verdict result in opposition of the topic, a new community discussion thread will be highlighted in deciding what the criteria of the blogs should be. This option will likely end in another community vote.


    Cast your vote on this topic by copy-pasting into your comment one of the code options from the list below. You are granted only one vote, but you may change your vote at any time during the voting period, as well as submit any questions or comments you may have on the topic. Please remember to adhere to all discussion rules.
    OPENS: May 23, 2014 CLOSES: May 30, 2014

    Voting Options
    Support {{support|<text>}} You are voting in favor of the proposed topic.
    Oppose {{oppose|<text>}} You are voting against the proposed topic.
    Neutral {{neutral|<text>}} You wish to remain neutral and abstain from voting on the topic.
    Comment {{comment|<text>}} You wish to make a comment on the proposed topic.
    Question {{question|<text>}} You wish to pose a question on the proposed topic.
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    • Support
      I'll throw in the first vote. I've done the majority of my explaining in this thread--refer to the discussion there for my reasoning.
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    • Support
      Forums are way more efficient for discussion and organization of topics. Especially with the help of sub-forums and sticky threads. I support this decision in full and have already prepared an slightly-updated version of my Compelte Soundtracks blog which I will post in the Forums as soon as the blog feature is removed (if such will be so). I actually quite like the look of the "Main" forum hub. It's neat and organized and quite easy to navigate (I know this is a little contradictory to a previous post I made here, saying the opposite, maybe I was just having a bad day :P).


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    • Support
      What Spottedstar said.
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    • We've reached the end of the voting period.




      All blog content will be moved to the forums within the next few days, and then upon completion the blog feature will be disabled. Any blogs created from this point forward will be deleted on the spot.

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    • UPDATE: As of now, all blogs have been archived into the forums, and the blog feature has officially been disabled.

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