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    justa place where you can play chat games or trivia people on threads.

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    • Sounds Good :)

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    • Like word games? They'd have to be KFP-related... I don't know if that's something for the wiki forums though.

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    • I wasn't sure about my opinion on this before (which, my apologies, is why I never posted a reply), but I think I'm sure now: Although I initially agree with you, Vapor, I think we should at least give it a try. I really liked forum games back in my roleplaying days because they weren't as "serious" as the other threads, which allowed me to get to know people from a different, more fun perspective. Overall, I felt it made the forum experience much more enjoyable. I guess if there are other people out there who don't feel comfortable with editing or with sharing their opinions in a discussion, maybe they'll be comfortable with a relaxing, stress-free game?

      I am a little worried that they'll become an easy target for "abuse" (meaning people will only come here to play forum games), but just like with everything else in the forums, we're still going through a test phase to see how the wiki's readers and contributors react to this new form of social interaction. If things turn out bad, we can revisit the idea later and make adjustments as necessary.

      There should definitely be some specific criteria, though. I think I would be fine with game threads as long as these three things happen:

      • Try and keep them related to KFP somehow
      • No games that require people to upload pictures to our database
      • No roleplaying games (via our wiki-wide policy that prohibits publishing original fan work; besides, these forums aren't ideal for roleplaying anyway)
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    • Sure, I'm fine with the idea.

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    • VaporMist said:
      Sure, I'm fine with the idea.

      Okay, I'll open up a community vote...

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