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  • Main center of official consensus operations. All discussions related to feature nominations, deletion/merging candidates, & other community counseling take place here.

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  • This is the central board for holding any discussions related to the Kung Fu Panda universe. If you're new here, this is the perfect place to get involved!

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  • Breaking news, press releases, image/video drops, and more of the latest information on new Kung Fu Panda content!

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  • Come here to participate in a simple, fun, and friendly forum game with your fellow editors!

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  • Have a suggestion for us? Or maybe a really awesome idea for the wiki that you want to share? We accept any and all suggestions/ideas that help improve the wiki and its community!

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  • This is where you can get help from, or assist in helping, other members of the wiki community. Be sure to look through the Help pages first before submitting a question here!

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