Whoa! And the staff Master Rhino used to liberate the village of Wen Shen! [while swinging the staff around] Hiya! Ho! Haa! I had no idea it was so staffy!
  Po while exploring the new Masters' Council exhibit, Secrets of the Masters  

Rhino's staff is a staff weapon once used by Thundering Rhino. It was briefly seen in Secrets of the Masters as part of the new Masters' Council exhibit in the Jade Palace's Hall of Warriors.


It appears to be made of hollow, very light bamboo wood, roughly the height of Po.



Po briefly notes that Thundering Rhino used this staff to liberate the village of Wen Shen.[1]

In Secrets of the Masters


Po using the staff

After Po had broken into the Masters' Council exhibit alongside Tigress and Mantis, he had seen the staff and started playing with it, claiming he had no idea that it was so "staffy".



Coming soon!


Coming soon!


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