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Concept art of Po's mother and father by Nico Marlet and Raymond Zibach

Po's parents are giant pandas and the biological family of Po.

Having raised their infant son in the Panda Village, they were a happy and thriving couple that had their lives changed forever when an albino peacock and a pack of wolves raided their home, annihilating everything and everyone in their path. Only Po's father managed to escape the disaster alive, while Po's mother did not meet the same fate.[1]


Earlier years

It is currently unknown how Po's mother and father came to meet one another.

In Kung Fu Panda 2


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Revealed in a flashback sequence, Po's parents were a happy couple who lived among many good neighbors in the Panda Village. They enjoyed being around each other and raising up their infant son in their blissful, peaceful lives.

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But their state of happiness was ultimately interrupted when their home was raided by an evil albino peacock and his wolf followers. Using his farming tools, Po's father tried his best to hold them off and buy time for his wife and only child to escape. It is unknown what exactly happened to him during and after the battle, but he did manage to survive and presumably fled away from his home with other surviving giant pandas.


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Po's mother, however, fled after her husband allowed them time to escape. Holding her baby close, she fled into the nearby woods. She soon heard the wolves quickly starting to gain on her, and started to twist and turn at nearly every point. Eventually, she came to realize that there was only one way to save her child. Managing to temporarily elude the wolves, she found a crate of radishes nearby into which she hid her baby. After a few tearful and heartbreaking moments of farewell, Po's mother left her infant son, hoping for the best and leading the wolves away from him, presumably losing her life in the process.


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At the very end of the film, Po's father was seen living in a hidden village far away from the Valley of Peace with many other pandas. It was here that he became aware of Po's existence and proclaimed, "My son is alive."


With each other

Po's parents were seen to have a happy and peaceful life together before the panda massacre. During the village raid, Po's father told his mother to take their infant son and run away as he held off the wolves and, trusting him, she did so. It is presumed to have been the last time the couple ever saw one other.[1]


Both of Po's parents showed love and protectiveness for their son. His father defended him as a young cub from the invading wolves in their village, and tried to hold them off so his wife could escape with Po. Po's mother ran from the wolves, and eventually hid her child in a crate of radishes, distracting the wolves to go after her instead. This showed that both Po's parents were willing to sacrifice their lives to save his.

Additionally, Po's father survived the raid and seemed pleased and hopeful after suddenly realizing his son was alive.[1]



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