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Hello, world! Mei Mei here. Welcome to my humble abode.
  Mei Mei, "Welcome, from Mei Mei to You"  

Pandiva is a mini vlog series created by DreamWorks Animation and distributed via their YouTube channel, DreamWorksTV. It stars Kung Fu Panda 3 character Mei Mei, who talks briefly about various lifestyle topics in each episode.

The series launched on December 17, 2015[1] and released four episodes within a month, with the last one published on January 14, 2016.[2]



Meet Mei Mei, the newest star of Kung Fu Panda 3. She is crazy, confident and a singularly focused ribbon dancer with a lot to talk about in her new vlog series.[2]


Introducing Mei Mei! This pandalic[io]us diva is here to give you all the tips and tricks to look fabulous and feel like a pandiva.[1]

Discover what makes Mei Mei so beautiful in her new makeup tutorial.[3]

Mei Mei discusses her fitness regimen and other secrets to maintaining a healthy figure as part of her vlog series. ...[4]

What's black and white and fabulous all over? Well Mei Mei of course. Find out the latest Panda Fashion secrets exclusively here.[2]

List of episodes

  1. "Welcome, from Mei Mei to You"
  2. "Beauty Bear Necessities"
  3. "Fit, Fab and Strong the Mei Mei Way"
  4. "Be A Fashion Pan-DO!"

Voice cast



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