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"Out of the Cave and Onto Thin Ice" is the ninth episode from season one of Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny.[1]



After a shocking revelation, Po is determined to get his chi back and Jing decides to face Jindiao.[1]


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  • The line "Dry salty plums! End of the world sale! Everything must go!" was written after the show's creative team decided that Mr. Ping would take financial advantage of Panda Village when Zhizhu arrived, causing village-wide panic.[2]
  • In the scene where Jing and Jindiao are fighting for control in the latter's mind, the character with the current upper hand in the fight appears bigger in frame.[2]
  • The avalanche scene proposed an interesting dilemma for the show's visual effects team. They were limited to only three shots where the audience could actually see the snow moving across the scene. It would have taken too long, as well as cost production too much to animate more.[2]



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