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A nerve attack is an advanced kung fu technique that paralyzes the opponent temporarily by jabbing various pressure points that block the person's chi. It is taught to highly skilled kung fu warriors and was utilized best by Shifu, Tai Lung, and Oogway.[1]


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Tai Lung

Tai Lung must use great force in his nerve attacks. When Tai Lung uses it, he jabs one point in a main artery near the heart with his index and middle fingers, temporarily paralyzing the victim and sending a blue wave of chi across the victim's body. It also turns the eyes a light, glowing, sky blue color.[1]


Oogway uses much less effort, possibly demonstrating higher mastery of pressure point attacks. When Oogway used this technique, he would jab multiple arteries in the throat and near the lungs with his staff, pinky, ring and middle claws. Each one at a time with a different digit and his staff starting the chain of attacks. With each attack sending a golden wave of chi across the victims body. Oogway's version is much quicker than Tai Lung's version, with his claws moving pretty fast in what appears to be normal speed, but is actually in slow motion. This attack appears to render the victim unconscious rather than paralyze them.[1]


In Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Mantis utilized nerve attacks to a lesser degree. He jabbed several pressure points on a croc bandit's back, sending a small blue wave across the affected area with each jab. Instead of completely paralyzing the bandit, only his right arm was affected. Mantis hinted that the paralysis would last for a couple of days. Mantis also attempted the same technique on the chest of a Qidan warrior, but the attack had no effect on the warrior's tough hide.[2]


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In Kung Fu Panda

Tai Lung uses the nerve attack technique when he paralyzes the Furious Five and tried later on Po, but fails because it doesn't affect Po, thus tickling him.

In Legends of Awesomeness

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  • This technique shares similarities with the Touch of Death technique, which works by jabbing certain points in the main arteries near the heart, temporarily disrupting the rhythm of the heart beat and thereby paralyzing the target.
  • The technique is shown to be ineffective on opponents with a natural protective physique, such as thick body fat or tough hide. In the former case, the most the opponent would feel is an intense tickling sensation.[1]



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