The Mist of Morpheus is a substance found in the Swamp of Disillusionment.


In Kung Fu Panda Vol 1

In "Wake Me Up Before You Po-Po!", the Crocodile Army of General Rong placed a machine in the swamp in order to pump the Mist of Morpheus into the air of the Valley of Peace. However, this pump was later brought down by Po and the Furious Five, and the Mist of Morpheus eventually dissipated.


The Mist of Morpheus causes those to inhale it to gradually descend into a deep sleep, with long-term exposure potentially resulting in a permanent coma. It can be resisted by those with incredible discipline, such as Kung fu masters, but even they can only fight off the effects for so long. It can also manifest in putting parts of one's body to sleep.


  • The Mist of Morpheus is named for Morpheus, the mythological Greek god of sleep.

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