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  • CSS fix for mediawiki:wikia.css


    JS fix for mediawiki:common.js copy all from

     wgPageName == "Kung_Fu_Panda_Wiki" 
     wgPageName == "YOUR TARGET PAGE" 

    Note: remember to use _ for spaces

    Templates to copy exactly from the following links

    to set up component subtemplates, use the "Slide" subtemplates as a reference from

    that's all the time i currently have to help

    This is the bot account of my main that spottedstar mentioned, best of luck

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    • no, over on your test wiki and you reverted some...what i mean previously was use the numbers in your brackets in the actual templates. that was a layout.

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    • I still don't quite understand. For example, on Portal/Books, are my link numbers correct, with reference to those in brackets? In that template, the image to the main books portal is linked to 3, as with 3 in the brackets on the main portal's page. Is this supposed to be how it's done?

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    • an anonymous contributor
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