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  • I live in Never Never Land
  • I was born on November 26
  • My occupation is Content Writer, Digital Marketer
  • I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word I'm saying.
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Before leaving me a message:
  • PLEASE look through the FAQs on my profile page. You'll be doing me a HUGE favor by saving me the time in answering the same questions over and over again.
    • Here's one I'm still getting asked a lot:
Can I be an admin/rollback/chatmod/other staff on this wiki?
What are the requirements for being admin/staff?
See this thread and this thread.
  • A bit silly to list this, but sadly, I must: Do not ask me about things that I couldn't possibly know. Again, from my FAQ: I do not work for DreamWorks, nor am I an expert in all topics related to movies, or television, or animation, etc. So please refrain from asking me things like when something will be released, or why something is taking so long to release. I'll typically answer these with, "I don't know, sorry," because I really don't know what else to say.
  • Please do your research before asking me. I get a lot of questions that require me to do something that you could easily do yourself - e.g. asking me for the translation and meaning of a piece of foreign text, or asking me for updates on a particular piece of media, etc. Please be polite and do the research yourself first before asking me about it.
  • Please do not ask me to look at/visit/read/view/etc. something of yours. I'm quite a busy person and unfortunately do not have the time to look at everyone's stuff.
an anonymous contributor
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  • Hello! I was on this wiki's chat and I noticed the newly added chat option features. Due to the added feature, like on any other wiki, the avatar (next to the box you type in) will be too small. If you add this coding to MediaWiki:Chat.css, it will fix this problem:

    /* Fixing avatar size bug */
    .Chat .avatar {
        height: 28px;
        width: 28px;
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    • I'm actually not on chat that much, so I never noticed this problem. But I've added the code, and it seems to work. Thank you! :)

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • Hey spottedstar! I was just wondering, what's the name of the song that plays when I scroll over the music note on your profile page? Thank you!

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  • By the way, I just wanted to know who the founder of this wiki is, if you know who.

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  • A while back I asked if this wiki would affiliate with Turbo Wiki. I've now designed a 100x35 banner. It's nothing fancy, and I'll probably update it when more resources are available, but it'll do.

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  • Hey Spottedstar. My own personal Wiki was taken down a few weeks ago, without my knowledge, which caused the deletion of many of my profile images, as well as one image in particular that is used in this Wiki's chat. I've since restored the images, and to prevent further problems I've uploaded the Chatmod image here, and all you need do is replace the URL in MediaWiki:Chat.css's Custom Chatmod Star section with this new one:



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  • The Time to Play template is over. And as such, it should no longer be on the main page. I just want to make sure you are aware.

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  • Though I do not occupy myself in the actual content in articles, I have been protecting vandalism and undoing edits. It would be much easier if I could simply apply myself to undo using rollback. I would really appreciate it. But it is up to you. Thanks~

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    • Well, I see you've only just recently started undoing edits, but if you'd really like to help this wiki out with vandalism and nonconstructive edits, then I won't say no. :)

      I suppose it doesn't kill me that you're not too concerned with contributing to our articles, but I still would like some kind of indication to show me that you're willing to be at least somewhat active on this wiki. I'm just not very fond of the idea of giving special abilities to users on this wiki that aren't going to be around that much to use it.

      Other than that, you seem like an intelligent person who knows what they're doing, so I'll be happy to give you rights. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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    • Well, I can completely understand that. If you are absolutely not comfortable giving me these rights, then you did not have to. I do plan on contributing to articles since I have found more time to help the wiki out. I have gradually undone edits in the past, but how many vandal edits that have recently come, all the time it took to undo the edits led me to request these rights for more ease in the future. I just didn't hesitate to ask.

      Thanks a lot for all of what you said and the rights are much appreciated.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • I intend on coding a skin for the wiki's monobook, as opposed to the default oasis skin. There are many users on Wikia that use monobook skin and they may end up more drawn to this wiki if the monobook skin was more customized. If you would, if you know it, I would need to know the link colors, background color, and other basic schemes and I can start coding it.

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    • I've given up on monobook since they first released the Oasis skin. I honestly don't see why some users still use it, but it does seem like a lot of users still do. If you're interested in designing it, then go right ahead. :)

      If it's mainly colors you're looking for, you can try using an awesome program I have called Color Detector. I've found it to be a very useful tool for finding specific colors and making sure they match on here. But if you'd rather not bother with it, then let me know of the specifics you need when the time comes.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • Just so you know, Disneyscreencaps has suffered a huge crash a few weeks ago but its up again but they're putting back up all the screencaps but it's gonna take some time. But once they're up, they won't add the watermark to the pictures anymore, that'll be great. Just letting you know.

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  • Hello, Xiaolinpedia would like to affiliate. We do not use a banner, instead we use a different system. We have linked you here, which appears on our main page. It would help with both of our wikis SEO and it seems we share fanbases based on the whole martial arts theme.

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