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  • PLEASE look through the FAQs on my profile page. You'll be doing me a HUGE favor by saving me the time in answering the same questions over and over again.
  • A bit silly to list this, but sadly, I must: Do not ask me about things that I couldn't possibly know. Again, from my FAQ: I do not work for DreamWorks, nor am I an expert in all topics related to movies, or television, or animation, etc. So please refrain from asking me things like when something will be released, or why something is taking so long to release. I'll typically answer these with, "I don't know, sorry," because I really don't know what else to say.
  • Please do your research before asking me. I get a lot of questions that require me to do something that you could easily do yourself - e.g. asking me for the translation and meaning of a piece of foreign text, or asking me for updates on a particular piece of media, etc. Please be polite and do the research yourself first before asking me about it.
  • Please do not ask me to look at/visit/read/view/etc. something of yours. I'm quite a busy person and unfortunately do not have the time to look at everyone's stuff.
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  • A user edited Tigress' page to say she has a secret crush on Po, which I believe is inaccurate. I'm no expert, though. Just thought I'd inform you.

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  • Hello!

    So earlier this year, you offered to remake the wordmark for the Madagascar Wiki, which I, at that time, respectfully declined. But  now, after some months of thinking, I changed my mind.

    Since the Wiki is going through a reformation process, where we are cleaning up and renewing most things, we might as well have a fresh new wordmark.

    So if you're free and don't mind, can you please help remake the wordmark for us?

    Thanks ^^

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    • I'll see what I can do, but you'll need to give me time. At present, I am without my personal Photoshop program that has my setup and all of my tools/files (long story), and I've gotten some extra life commitments that are keeping me pretty busy. I'll let you know, though.

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    • Spottedstar said:
      I'll see what I can do, but you'll need to give me time. At present, I am without my personal Photoshop program that has my setup and all of my tools/files (long story), and I've gotten some extra life commitments that are keeping me pretty busy. I'll let you know, though.

      Oh, it's fine, no rush ^^ Thanks!

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • edited Tigress's page without permission.

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  • I just found this wiki, and I remember all the good times I had with the TV show.

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  • I was wondering if you could help me out on this matter. I would like to add four images under "Gallery" > "Images" that have those captions that slide up when you hover over them with the cursor. I can't seem to get them to fit or stay in the same size in order to look organized.

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  • Hi, spottedstar. Someone has viciously vandalized some pages here including Po's page. Can you do something about this immediately?

    Thank you.

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  • Hello there, I want to infrom you that this user has vandalized pages here. Could you review their contributions and take any necessary actions? Thanks!

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  • On my recent transcript, I didn't do any bolding/italicizing on the Word-Doc. This time, I did that part on the wiki itself. Still, parts of the transcript look messed up as a result. Dunno if you already knew this.

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    • First off, thank you for your hard work. From experience, transcribing is a very long and tiring process, and I appreciate that you took the time and effort into doing it. :)

      Concerning your formatting question, do you mean how some of the text still isn't italicized? That's because there are breaks in the lines, which can result from copying directly from a word processor. Wiki italicizing only works on single lines and automatically cuts itself off when there's a line break in between the double apostrophes.

      Here's an example of how to fix it. All I did was use backspace and spacebar at the beginning of the last line. Looks like this'll need to be done with the rest of the transcript. You don't need to if you don't want - honestly the transcript looks fine as is, even if the formatting is a bit off. It's content that matters more anyway, and you did an awesome job with it. Thanks again.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • i need help with this wiki things because is really hard but i still dont get it

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  • Greetings!

    I am Brendan, the bureaucrat of the Madagascar Wiki.

    I am here to request for an affiliation between the Kung Fu Panda Wiki, and my wiki.

    Below are some information on Madagascar Wiki:

    1. Name | Link: Madagascar Wiki |
    2. Wordmark: [1]
    3. List of Affiliates page: (the template appears on the sidebar of the Main Page)

    I hope that everything is fine, please tell me if anything is wrong.

    Thank you, and have a nice day ^^

    Selamat Maju Jaya, Brendan Boman - 05:25PM, 10th January, 2018 (MYT)

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    • But how do we edit the content background, by the way (if you don't mind telling)?

      That's with CSS through the Wikia.css page. The code I use for it just overlays an image on top of the content page color, and then repeats it in whatever direction I tell it to. Here:

      .WikiaPage .WikiaPageBackground {
          background-image: url(IMAGE URL HERE);
          background-repeat: repeat-y;
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    • Very sorry for the extremely long delay in replying. I was away from home for more than 10 days and I just got back yesterday.

      I see, thank you very much for helping ^^

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    • an anonymous contributor
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