Mayor Pig is the name given to the mayor of Mantis's home village; his specific name was never mentioned. He appeared in "Hometown Hero" as the current presiding authority in charge to welcome Mantis back home and marry him and Hao.


In Legends of Awesomeness

When Mantis lied about being the Dragon Warrior, the Mayor believed him to be wholehearted, thus staging a welcome back party, which included the "Jig of Happy" for Mantis when he returned home after being summoned by Hao Ming.

The Mayor later appeared at the wedding of Mantis and Hao in order to marry them, and was just as shocked as everyone else when Mantis confessed the truth.


The Mayor is a friendly person who celebrated Mantis's return to the town (under the pretense that Mantis was the Dragon Warrior).


The Mayor wears a simple, yellowish-green robe with a plain brown belt.




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Coming soon!


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