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Lei Kung, also known as The Thunderer, is a disgraced gorilla master of kung fu.


In Kung Fu Panda Vol 2

In "Daze of Thunder" it is revealed that Lei Kung was a kung fu master who dabbled in elemental magic—a forbidden art—in order to enhance his fighting abilities. He was defeated by Shifu and the Furious Five and exiled from the Valley of Peace, but returned years later after being recruited by the malevolent Chairman Qing. Qing intended to isolate the valley from the rest of China so that it could truly know "peace," and sought to use Lei Kung's powers to accomplish this. In a rematch with Shifu and the Five, Lei Kung proved victorious, before setting his sights on the battle he truly desired: facing against Po the Dragon Warrior.

After an initial attack on Po, Lei Kung gave Qing the opportunity to try and sway the Dragon Warrior to their side, but Po refused to enforce their vision of "peace" upon the valley and its inhabitants. Lei Kung then attempted to destroy Po, with his elemental skills giving him the upper hand. However, Po was able to turn their battlefield—his adopted father Mr. Ping's noodle shop—against Lei Kung, and succeeded in defeating him and Qing.


Lei Kung is a brutal, ruthless warrior who relishes the challenge of battling a worthy opponent. Sadly, there is no honor in his methodology, as he was willing to practice forbidden magic to give him the edge over any possible opponent.

Fighting style and abilities

Lei Kung possesses incredible strength and kung fu skill, but his greatest abilities lie in his elemental powers. These allow him to unleash elemental forces like lightning, thunder, and seismic tremors against his enemies.


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  • Lei Kung is named after the mythological god of thunder Lei Gong (traditional and simplified Chinese: 雷公?; pinyin: léi​gōng), who is depicted as a creature with claws, bat wings, and a blue face with a bird's beak. As his title suggests, he possesses the power of thunder, which he produces with a special drum and mallet.[1]



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