Listed here are all of the Kung Fu Panda Wiki's official affiliates, as confirmed and approved by an administrator.

Wiki affiliates

Non-wiki affiliates


None yet. Apply for one!


None yet. Apply for one!


Affiliate with us!

This site would love to affiliate with other wikis and websites alike! We provide this list of affiliates, as well as an area for wordmark/banner display on our wiki's Main Page. Sites eligible for affiliation receive both.

NEW! We have recently added our affiliates a spot on the front page of our sister wiki, Kung Fu Panda Answers. Current and eligible affiliates receive this placement as well.


To become one of our affiliates, please contact an administrator and specify your intentions to affiliate with us. Please be sure to provide the following:

  1. The name of your site
  2. A link to your site
  3. A link to your wordmark/banner[1] (preferred size: 250x65[2])
  4. A link to where you have linked back to the Kung Fu Panda Wiki

Once these have been provided, an administrator will review your application to see if you've met our requirements. You will be notified within 1–2 days by way of a wall message on the results of your application.

  • If successful, your applied material will be placed up when convenient to the administrator.
  • If unsuccessful, the administrator will specify why (and, in select cases, how to adjust it to make it eligible), and the application will either be placed on hold or removed.

Our links/codes

To link back to us, please use one of these options according to your website's specific compatibility:

For wikis

We request that all affiliates on Wikia use this version of our wordmark in linking back to us.

Non-wiki sites are welcome to use our wordmark as well if it works best for your affiliation needs.

For non-wikis

To link with one of our 100x35 banners, copy and paste one of the codes below. If there are any problems or questions with these codes, please let an administrator know.


<a href="">
<img src="" border="0" width="100" height="35" alt="Kung Fu Panda Wiki" /></a>


<a href="">
<img src="" border="0" width="100" height="35" alt="Kung Fu Panda Wiki" /></a>

Other notes

  • The Kung Fu Panda Wiki will not link to sites with questionable content[3] or rates higher than PG-13. Any affiliate applications with these descriptions will be rejected.
  • The Kung Fu Panda Wiki will not list or display your affiliate link until one of our links has been confirmed on your site.
  • All affiliations and links will be checked regularly. Affiliates that are inactive[4] or are missing the original applied link-backs will be removed from our list.

Any other questions or concerns on affiliating can either be submitted on this page's talk page, or by contacting an administrator. Thanks and we look forward to affiliating with you! :)


  1. For affiliates without either, you will have a 250x65 generated box with a link to your site (see example).
  2. Because our main source of affiliates comes from other wikis on Wikia, we've customized our Affiliates box to be compatible with the image dimensions of a wiki wordmark. For banners without these dimensions by default:
    • If you have the time and tools, create an alternate banner sized to 250x65;
    • Request instead to have us use our affiliate box template;
    • If you would still like to see your own banner on our site and it is not possible for you to create an alternate banner, then leave a link to the banner you do have and specify its dimensions. We may be able to work out from there if we can either have it automatically sized without making it appear too stretched or distorted, or perhaps take into consideration placing it in a separate section in our Affiliates box.
  3. At the discretion of an administrator.
  4. I.e. the site has not been in frequent use for over a month; can be left at the discretion of an administrator.

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