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Kung Fu Panda 2 is the soundtrack of the film of the same name, collaboratively scored by Hans Zimmer and John Powell and released on May 23, 2011.[1]

Track listing

No. Track Name Length Scene(s)
1. "Ancient China / Story of Shen" 2:43 The film's prologue where Shen's story is narrated
2. "Dumpling Warrior" 1:19 The scene where Po fits forty bean buns in his mouth
3. "Inner Peace" 2:25 The scene where Master Shifu teaches Po about inner peace
4. "Musicians Village" 1:19 The scene where Po and the Furious Five fight off invading wolves at the musician village
5. "Save Kung Fu" 3:41 The scene where Mr. Ping tells Po of how he was adopted /
The film's montage of Po and the Five traveling across China
6. "Daddy Issues" 4:22 The scene where Po dreams about his parents on the boat
7. "Stealth Mode" 4:04 The scene where Po and the Five sneak into Gongmen City
8. "Gongmen Jail" 2:40 The scene where Po and the Five locate Masters Croc and Storming Ox in the city jail
9. "Rickshaw Chase" 2:36 The scene where Po chases Boss Wolf throughout the city in rickshaw carts
10. "Po and Shen / Face to Face" 5:58 The scene where Po and the Five meet Shen at the city palace
11. "More Cannons!" 2:59 The scene where Shen escapes and fires at the palace while Po and the Five try to escape
12. "Fireworks Factory" 6:48 The scene where Po and the Five break into the Fireworks Factory
13. "Po Finds the Truth" 5:03 The scene where Po discovers the truth of his origins at the Panda Village
14. "Invasion Begins" 2:37 The scene where Shen's fleet embarks, while Po returns and confronts Shen and his army
15. "Zen Ball Master" 7:21 The battle between Shen's army and the Kung Fu masters /
The scene where Po uses tai chi movements to redirect Shen's cannonfire back towards his fleet
16. "My Fist Hungers For Justice" 4:54 The scenes where Po battles and defeats Shen, and then returns home to declare Mr. Ping his father
17. "Dumpling Warrior Remix" 3:30 Animation sequence of baby Po's journey to the Valley of Peace; played during the credits
Total length: 64:19[2]


  • The film's complete score was never officially released, but can be accessed on YouTube. The complete score includes every piece of music present in the film, some of which were never released with the soundtrack album.

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