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Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po is an online action game based on the Kung Fu Panda franchise. It is available to play for free on the Nickelodeon Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness site. The game features Po as he teams up with members of the Furious Five to defeat enemies.[1]

Game features


The game focuses on Po, who the player controls in the beginning. In later updates, five other playable characters were introduced: Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane. The player also gets to select a computer-controlled partner, who may be any of Po or the Furious Five, just so long as the player isn't controlling one of them already. The game has the player walking along a path, toward a boss battle, and always toward the right side of the screen. Periodically, enemies will walk in from the edge of the screen and the game will not progress until they have been defeated. Once all the enemies have been conquered, the final villain may be challenged. Bosses are always fought alone; no partner will help.

After vanquishing a certain number of enemies, the player will level up. Different characters level up separately, and thus may be at different levels. After every level up, a point is gained to be spent in the training temple to upgrade one of the player's stats: Health, kung fu, chi, and speed. Coins may also be collected throughout the levels and be used to buy secret scrolls that have a variety of uses, including unlocking new moves, strengthening teammates, and increasing chances of an enemy dropping a pickup. Bowls of noodles in varying sizes appear in the levels to replenish health; the bigger the bowl, the greater the effect. Rare golden noodle bowls will replenish the partner's health fully, even if they have been knocked out.

Three main types of moves may be used: Fast attacks, strong attacks, and chi attacks. Chi attacks alone can work from a distance, but they rapidly deplete chi power. The player may also drop into a defensive pose to block some damage.


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Tale of the Mystically Awesome Coin

Fai Suan, the Emperor's advisor, steals a mystic coin with the power to change fate.

The Gift of Speed

After receiving a pair of magical shoes from the mountain spirits, the villainous Kuai Xun uses their powers to steal, and thus attracts the attention of the Furious Five and Po.

The Wrong Way to Mahjong

The evil wizard Wing uses dark magic to cheat in a mahjong tournament, and then imprisons Mrs. Gow and Mr. Yeung when they discover his trickery.

The Lotus of Love

Big Jun, a villainous clan leader, uses the Lotus of Love to make Tigress fall in love with him, forcing Po and the rest of the Five to rescue her.

The Fox Behind the Mask

Kai, a young Kung fu student, dons a cursed mask that takes possession of him and transforms him into a deadly warrior leading an army of demon mask wearing warriors.

A Thing for Bling

Mao Ren, a villain obsessed with valuable trinkets, steals a magical stone that renders him virtually invulnerable.

Kung Fu Con-troversy

A cosplayer dressed as Po causes trouble at Kung Fu Con.

A Recipe for Evil

Kung Pao, a renowned chef, drugs Tigress and Monkey with his cooking leaving them in a trance-like state.

Crook Soul, Noodle Bowl

Yi Min, an old blind man who poses as a beggar, proves to be a thief who robs the very souls who take pity on his apparent helplessness.

The Legendary Harp of Legend

Mei Ling, a talented musician invited to play at the Emperor's birthday, finds a cursed harp that fills her with its evil.

Return of the Fowl Owl

Fenghuang escapes from Chorh-Gom Prison once again, and inexplicably joins forces with all of the previously defeated villains.


  • Tutorial: "Origin of Awesomeness"
  • Level 1: "The Tale of the Mystically Awesome Coin"
  • Level 2: "The Gift of Speed"
  • Level 3: "The Wrong Way to Mahjong"
  • Level 4: "The Lotus of Love"
  • Level 5: "The Fox Behind the Mask"
  • Level 6: "A Thing For Bling"
  • Level 7: "Kung Fu Con-troversy"
  • Level 8: "A Recipe For Evil"
  • Level 9: "Crooked Soul, Noodle Bowl"
  • Level 10: "The Legendary Harp of Legend"
  • Level 11: "Return of the Fowl Owl"




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