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"In With the Old" is the twenty-first episode from season one of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.



When the Furious Five go out of town and the Jade Palace is attacked, Po has to rely on a team of elderly mahjong players for back-up.[2]


Po is excited for a Levitation kung fu demonstration. He and the Furious Five are packed for the demonstration, but Mr. Ping interrupts with urgent matters for Po. Soon, they all leave the barracks, but their departure leaves the Jade Palace undefended as Temutai plans to steal the Helmet of the Invincible Thunder Kick.

At the Noodle Shop, Po finds Mr. Ping and two elders, one a pig, and the other, a goat playing a game of mahjong. The panda has no choice but to participate and the elders are slow.

The Qidan clan arrive at the undefended palace and try to get Shifu to tell Temutai where the Invincible Thunder Kick helmet is. He refuses, and he fights the warriors. Though Shifu puts up great resistance, he is trapped in a Qidan bell trap. Temutai continues to demand where the helmet is, but Shifu continues to resist.

Back at the Noodle Shop, Po tries to speed up the game by cheating, but Mr. Ping catches him. Po runs off to watch the Levitation kung fu demonstration, but soon hears Shifu in distress. He arrives, but is flung out of the palace by the Qidan warriors, and falls all the way back to the Noodle shop. Po tries to warn Mr. Ping and the goose recommends Gow of the Hundred Stars and Yeung the Musical Archer. Years ago, the duo fought against two thousand evil scorpions and won. The elderly goat is Gow and the elderly pig is Yeung.

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