The Hundred Eye Orb is a magical artifact featured in the Kung Fu Panda Vol 2 story "Divide and Conquer."


The Hundred Eye Orb is one of the many artifacts kept at the Jade Palace and occasionally employed by Master Shifu for training purposes. He used it on one occasion to encourage teamwork and unity between the Furious Five and Po, fearing that any disunity between them would allow the Belt of Cosmic Cohesion he was protecting to be stolen by a malevolent party. Sadly, his fears came true due to the Wu Sisters employing the Many-Faced Mask of Mong to impersonate members of the Five to turn them against each other. However, Po later employed the Hundred Eye Orb to pull a similar tactic against the sisters, weakening their bond and allowing him to reclaim the belt.


The Hundred Eye Orb possesses the ability to create illusions of its user, making it appear as though they are in multiple places at the same time. Presumably as many as one hundred replicas can be created, and they are indistinguishable from the original by sight. However, the illusions are wholly immaterial, with solid blows passing right through them.

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